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ESG Tech Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: ESG tech: How software is taking ESG management and reporting to the next level

Technology can bring efficiency and guidance to managing the ESG process.

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Golder Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: Mining’s new normal

What mining companies are doing to protect and manage their workers’ health, and how technology can help.

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Verdantix ESG Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How to satisfy investor demand for ESG metrics with software

IsoMetrix is joined by the leading independent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analyst firm, Verdantix, to share data-driven insights into what investors are looking for in your ESG strategy.

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ABC Satarla - 1340 x 701

Webinar: The ABCs of ESG

Dr. Sarah Gordon from Satarla and Cecilia Jofré from IsoMetrix explore the importance of ESG management and how it has been impacted by COVID-19.

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Appetite Risk - 1340 x 701

Webinar: Risk appetite and tolerance

Risk experts Sarah Gordon and Ollie de Boer from Satarla discuss risk appetite and tolerance; how it’s used to guide decision-making and what best practice looks like.

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Abstract to Practical Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How to drive sustainability through risk management

When companies integrate risk into every system and process, it becomes a vital force within the organization, driving sustainability and ensuring greater profitability in the medium and long term.

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Tailings Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How to avoid tailings dam failures with risk management best practices

A discussion of risk management best practices for tailings management and the vital role that technology plays in preventing failures.

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Verdantix Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How mining companies are using technology to drive greater EHS and sustainability performance

An in-depth view into how global mining companies are using technology to manage risk, as well as gain deeper insight into the challenges they face.

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Microsoft Mining Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How a digital strategy promotes safety culture

A discussion about how technology can be used as a tool to promote safety culture.

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Huco Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: Don’t fear the audit!

Discussing the common reasons people fear audits, and explaining why they are actually good for you!

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