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Webinar: The most modern ESG platform from the most trusted name in EHS

IsoMetrix Lumina is an all-in-one Sustainability and ESG data management and reporting solution. Lumina manages your organization’s ESG processes from start to finish, improving consistency, accuracy and efficiency when collecting and tracking ESG data and producing reports. Customers of IsoMetrix use Lumina to centralize ESG data collection, automate carbon calculations, track progress to sustainability goals, simplify operational aspects and gain unmatched visibility of their ESG programs across their business.

Andy's Photo

Andy Johnston

Pre-Sales SME ESG & Energy

Andy is a member of the IsoMetrix team as the Pre-Sales SME ESG & Energy and has been working in ESG & EHS focused software for over six years. Andy brings an in-depth and multi-faceted view of the needs and applications of ESG software within an organization. He is a trusted expert working with multiple teams and stakeholders to define, manage and implement ESG solutions. Committed to advancing his knowledge and understanding, Andy completed his certification as a GRI Certified Sustainability Professional. 

Leroy Tuitt

Product Owner

Bio:  As the Product Owner for IsoMetrix Lumina, Leroy Tuitt is a dynamic and innovative professional with a deep-rooted passion for technology and a commitment to simplifying data management for users. From Lumina’s conceptual designs to working in close collaboration with developers and stakeholders, Leroy has driven the creation and successful launch of IsoMetrix’s latest dynamic SaaS product, and the most modern ESG platform from the most trusted name in EHS.