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Social Sustainability Management Software

Digitally Transform Your Social Sustainability Business Practices

Manage and report on your social sustainability performance comprehensively and efficiently.

Managing your social sustainability comes with various challenges which need to be addressed

The quality of your engagement with your stakeholders is critical.

Social disruption

Controlling your social obligations and commitments can be a complex task, and opposition groups and civilians with ties to the land can all present significant threats to your operations.

Stakeholder relationships

Stakeholder engagement can be challenging. Grievances arise in many projects, and you must learn to expect and plan for disagreements and problems.

Hiring and contracting

Local expectations related to employment are consistently elevated and require active management. The challenge is to identify and build your workforce capacity whilst maximizing local participation.

Community investment

Set objectives and work with your local communities to identify and execute on projects that have long-term sustainable benefits.

Land access

Mining, oil & gas, forestry, renewables, and agricultural businesses all need land to operate, and the space you need may be occupied or used by local people with historical ties to the land. This may be a sensitive issue that needs to be negotiated and managed accordingly.

The potential for reputation damage

In our media-dominated, hyper-connected world, news of social issues which are not adequately addressed can spread rapidly on a global scale, and can have highly damaging effects on your organization’s brand and profitability.

Multi-aspect community management

Use our agile software solution to manage these important aspects of your social sustainability operations.

  • Social engagement
  • Socio-economic development
  • Land management and resettlement
  • Other important social sustainability aspects such as incidents, internal meetings, and documents

In addition, utilize our software to drive compliance with international management system standards and guidelines such as the ISO 26000 Social Responsibility standard.

Want to see if our social sustainability software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solutions.

Harness the power of digital efficiencies with IsoMetrix and take advantage of the following features and benefits

Standardized and streamlined social sustainability processes leading to increased efficiency and reduced costs

A better understanding of impacts, how to mitigate them, and where to channel your development efforts

Real-time visibility of progress against your commitments and initiatives

Visibility on stakeholder profiles, initiatives and commitments, and stakeholder interaction plans at the click of a button

Easy integration with third-party systems, such as procurement data from your ERP system or stakeholder data from Excel spreadsheets, for example

Security-based work process flows for enhanced data and information security

Automated notifications and reminders

A full audit trail for every change to any record

Multi-language options

We use our ‘3D approach’ to process EHS information

Data capture  |  Data flow |  Data visualization and analysis

Want to see if our social sustainability software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solutions.

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