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Carbon Footprint Software

Track, Calculate, Manage, and Report on Your Carbon Footprint

Demonstrate your organization’s carbon credentials, and move towards net-zero.

Decrease your emissions and move towards net zero 

Companies need to decrease their emissions and move towards net zero in order to limit environmental harm and do their part in tackling the problem of global warming.

Managing your carbon footprint is not easy however, and you may face multiple challenges in pursuit of this goal.

Siloed and dispersed information

Your greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon emissions data sources may be siloed within different systems, making collecting this data slow and potentially inaccurate.

Slow response times

Responding to ad-hoc disclosure requests for your GHG and carbon emissions data takes far longer than with an automated software system.

Stressful auditing and reporting processes

Preparing for external audits and compiling internal and external shareholder reports on your carbon footprint management may be stressful and time-consuming, and displace focus from other important business areas.

A lack of meaningful improvement

Decreasing your GHG and carbon emissions may prove frustratingly difficult when faced with multiple issues around incomplete, inaccurate and siloed data, a lack of real-time information, sub-optimal visibility, and a deficiency of guidance.

Use our carbon footprint management software to digitally transform your sustainability practices

Modernize your carbon footprint management by using our intuitive cloud-based software to:

  • Identify carbon and energy sources
  • Identify carbon and energy reduction opportunities
  • Identify appropriate carbon-offset solutions
  • Report to mandatory or voluntary guidance publications
  • Communicate green credentials and intentions with your shareholders, customers, and staff
  • Disclose emissions to your corporate customers who may already have regulatory reporting requirements, both local and international
  • Demonstrate environmental stewardship, and establish early-adoption credibility in non-regulated markets

Want to see if our carbon footprint software is for you?

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Make the most of our carbon footprint management software

Our powerful carbon footprint management software contains a wide range of important functionality.


Automate and manage all your carbon data on one dashboard, helping you get things done faster, and more efficiently.


Share reports easily, quickly, and accurately between departments, and with your business stakeholders.


Track and organize all your data so that you don’t miss anything, and it’s easy to find what you’re looking for.


Calculate your carbon footprint via our state-of-the-art calculation engine built into our software.


Our software provides built-in databases such as AP-42, DEFRA, and the GHG Protocol for carbon calculation purposes.


Analyze your data to see if it meets the various regulatory standards associated with carbon footprint management.

Scopes of carbon emissions

Want to see if our carbon footprint software is for you?

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Do you know your ESG terminology?

ESG reporting frameworks and standards

Path to net zero

Scope emissions

STBI (Science-Based Targets Initiative)

We use our ‘3D approach’ to process EHS information

Data capture  |  Data flow |  Data visualization and analysis

Want to see if our carbon footprint software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solutions.

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