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Financial Services, Banking, Private Equity and Venture Capital

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Track the ESG performance of your portfolio companies, funds, and investments

Banks, investors, holding companies, private equity firms, and venture capital organizations wanting to engage in responsible investing are realizing the benefits of having access to information on a company’s performance in terms of non-financial topics such as: 

  • Governance 
  • Social issues  
  • Environmentally sustainable practices 

Investors are seeing the link between access to ESG disclosures to give context to a company’s performance, and its potential future success trajectory.

Getting an informed picture of each company’s ESG performance within an investment portfolio can be a challenge however, particularly when there is no mandate for private companies to track and report on their ESG performance.

Your all-in-one ESG reporting and management solution

Top strategic ESG issues and initiatives for financial companies

Emissions Management

Decarbonization / Net zero initiatives

Supply chain environmental sustainability

Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)

Supply chain human rights

Enterprise risk management (ERM)

Corporate governance

Key ESG metrics

The IsoMetrix Lumina ESG solution caters specifically for some of the key metrics frequently used by financial institutions to measure their portfolio ESG performance, including:

GHG emissions

Scope 1, Scope 2, and Scope 3 emissions data 

Employee engagement

Employee surveys and responses

Renewable energy usage

What percentage of energy use originates from green energy sources?

Work-related injuries

Number of incidents injuries, fatalities, days lost due to injury, and long-term injury frequency rate

Workforce metrics

Company diversity. What percentage are women? What percentage are from under-represented population groups?

Net new hires and attrition rates

Number of new hires and employees who have left the company 

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The ESG Data Convergence Initiative 

The drive towards convergence around a standardized set of ESG metrics and a mechanism for comparative reporting to benefit all stakeholders in private markets is known as the ESG Data Convergence Initiative.  

Designed to streamline the private investment industry’s historically fragmented approach to collecting and reporting ESG data, the initiative was founded by CalPERS and the Carlyle Group. 

The EDCI’s members include 275+ GPs and LPs representing $25 trillion in assets under management, and you can join too.

A valued IsoMetrix financial services client

Kinterra is an investment firm focused on supporting the transition to an electrified future by investing in people, ideas, and mining and infrastructure assets. They have a multi-disciplinary team of experts who excel in transactional and technical aspects of the sector, with a proven track record of delivering strong returns. Through rigorous analysis and deep technical expertise, Kinterra identifies and executes on transactions, value creation initiatives, and partnerships to advance and de-risk projects related to energy transition metals and minerals.

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