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Tailings Management Software

A More Responsive and Effective Way to Manage Your  Tailings Facilities

Manage and monitor your tailings risks in adherence with the GISTM Conformance Protocols.

Are you worried about operating your tailings storage facilities correctly?

Many industry standards require that a tailings storage facility (TSF) be operated correctly, and that mining companies implement a system for responsible tailings management.

Managing your TSFs can be an inefficient, tiresome, and draining process however.

Without proper management and governance, tailings facilities pose a significant risk to the natural and social environment.

In extreme events, such as a collapse, livelihoods can be affected, water and soil contamination can be widespread, clean-up costs are excessive, and there is usually significant disruption to your production.

You need to ensure that you have assigned accountability, have the necessary skilled resources involved, and have developed detailed procedures for all tailings impoundments. Manually coordinating all these requirements and managing them internally can be tiring and time-consuming.

Responding to your ad-hoc tailings compliance requests via manual methods like spreadsheets can be frustratingly slow, and takes far longer than with an automated software system.

Manual TSF management often results in you not having a clear and complete picture of the state of your facilities, undermining safety and obfuscating your decision-making.

Want to see if our tailings management software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solution.

Modernize your tailings management processes with our intuitive cloud-based software

Our tailings management system (TMS) is designed according to international standards and best practices, and offers you a more effective and responsive way to manage your TSFs.

Active tracking

Track and action your permit, license and approval conditions, obligations, and commitments within the system to ensure compliance.

Risk assessment

Undertake risk assessments and maintain registers. Set critical controls for high-rated risks, and track their effectiveness.

Emergency drill management

Schedule and perform emergency drills. Log any findings or observations, and set corrective actions.

Schedule audits

Create and schedule audit checklists (such as those published by the GISTM) on a recurring basis, and capture and address any findings.

Capture and correct non-conformances

Capture your non-conformances or incidents, create follow-up corrective actions, and track these until closure.

Monitor environmental data

Capture and view your environmental monitoring data against pre-set limits or targets to gauge TSF performance.

Reap the benefits of the IsoMetrix Tailings Management system

Manage key aspects of your tailings function more easily and efficiently than ever before.

Want to see if our tailings management software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solution.

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