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Compliance Management Software

Meet All Your Compliance Obligations With One Integrated Software Solution

An efficient way to manage your organizational compliance across multiple sites and locations.

Organizational compliance is non-negotiable

The pressure to remain on the right side of regulations can be intense.

Your organization must continually track internal and external compliance requirements across local, regional and national legislation as well as keep records of all the obligations, permits, licenses, approvals and other documents required to gain authorization to operate. 

With multiple obligations sources potentially located in different global and regional locations, your compliance data may be scattered and difficult to organize.

Compliance management is a crucial task, but it comes with its own set of difficulties

There are many pressures and hurdles to overcome in managing your organization’s compliance function across multiple sites and locations, particularly if done manually.

Difficulty in tracking compliance legislation

Continually following and adhering to compliance requirements across local, regional, and national legislation can be burdensome.

Tiring and time-consuming to manage manually

Various permits, licenses, approvals, and other documents are required to gain authorization to operate. Manually coordinating all these requirements and managing them internally can be tiring and time-consuming.

New ESG-related requirements add pressure

The recent surge in environmental obligations and social responsibilities further adds to the burden of being compliant, heaping more pressure on your operations.

Potentially damaging consequences

The consequences for failure such as fines, penalties, productivity losses and reputational damage can have a catastrophic impact on your business. Don’t risk it!

Slow response times

Responding to ad-hoc compliance requests by relevant or invested parties takes far longer than with an automated software system.

A lack of visibility and collaboration hinders progress

Creating and sharing compliance reports between your internal departments, your investors, and your stakeholders can be difficult and time-consuming due to siloed departments and information.

Want to see if our compliance management software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solutions.

We transform your organization's compliance operations

Our tried-and-tested software brings digital capabilities and efficiency to your compliance management.

Comprehensive compliance tracking

Track compliance actions with our Compliance Calendar feature to ensure they are executed on time, and in-line with your company policy and regulatory standards.

Real-time visibility

Avoid negative incidents by recognizing leading circumstances, and use real-time data to flag impending incidents or losses before they occur.

More data accessibility, better intelligence

Spot hidden trends, red flags, opportunities, and weaknesses by leveraging the centralized and standardized compliance data housed in the Compliance Universe module.

Updated compliance content

Host and update all applicable regulatory content via third-party content providers, and facilitate compliance with frequently changing regulations.

Drive individual and organizational accountability for compliance assurance

Our compliance management solution provides actionable information to designated individuals to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, with a core focus around compliance assessment and task management.

The solution will assist you to:

  • Centrally store and manage sources of regulatory compliance
  • Identify applicable compliance tasks to monitor and maintain compliance for your organization
  • Drive accountability at the individual level for maintaining compliance
  • Analyze and report on compliance metrics and trends
ESG compliance

Our four-step approach to compliance

Use our four-step approach in your compliance management with the process set out below.

Want to see if our compliance management software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solutions.

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