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IsoMetrix Aurora

Health, Safety, and Environmental Management Solution

Manage your SSHEQ processes with our most powerful risk management solution yet.

IsoMetrix Aurora is our comprehensive and integrated risk and compliance management software

Designed predominantly for high-risk, highly regulated, multinational corporations, our awarded software platform enables you to capture and collect data regarding your health, safety, environment, social, and quality (SSHEQ) processes.

Our management software enables daily management of these critical business aspects, with output metrics represented via our intuitive dashboards, and the ability to generate required reports for your internal and external stakeholders on-demand.

IsoMetrix Aurora modules

Our IsoMetrix Aurora software platform is comprised of many components, or modules, that form the basic elements of our software functionality. Although not a comprehensive list, some of our core functionality modules are listed below.

Stakeholder Management

Manage internal and external stakeholders including employees and contractors. Our software can be integrated with your existing HR system to automatically populate and update employee and contractor records.

Monitor all stakeholder engagements to ensure the appropriate actions are taken, such as reporting incidents to the appropriate regulatory authorities.

Risk Management

The core of our EHS software solution lies in the Risk Management module. Hazards, stressors, impacts and aspects, and any other EHS risks your company may face are in this module. In addition to building risk registers and conducting risk assessments, it standardizes all risk data across business units for easy comparison and trend analysis.

It also streamlines control monitoring and control assessments across the organization. The module brings visibility to the effectiveness of controls in place (or lack thereof), and enables clients to pinpoint leading indicators before risks materialize.


This module supports the entire audit process from scheduling an audit, audit execution, the management of findings, corrective and preventative actions, to compiling complete audit reports and dashboards. It allows for both findings-based audits and audit checklists.

Audit checklists can be custom-built via the IsoMetrix checklist builder, and used in addition to findings-based audits or on their own. Log findings, upload supporting documents, assign actions to relevant parties, and track them to completion in this module.

Central Actions Manager

The Central Actions Manager aggregates all actions across the organization. Track actions from initiation to completion and filter by action type, site, region, action owner, etc.

Monitor outstanding actions, ensure actions are carried out properly, and minimize overdue actions all from within this module.

Incident Management

Log and classify incidents and near misses to automatically activate the appropriate workflow within your organization. Near misses, based on potential incident severity, will trigger the associated investigation methodologies.

Our software supports the entire process – from identification, investigation, and analysis, through to action management – facilitating performance improvement. All major investigation methodologies, such as root cause analysis, ICAM, and 5 WHYs are accommodated.


Similar to the Audits module, you can build and conduct custom inspections based on your organization’s specific requirements in this module.

The Inspections builder is completely customizable, and the checklists can be designed to meet your exact needs. The Inspections module is mobile-friendly for in-field use from a phone, tablet, or other connected device.

IsoMetrix Aurora highlights

A single, integrated solution

We offer a single, integrated solution for managing all disciplines within the GRC landscape. This reduces complexity, removes the need for integrating different systems and databases, and provides a holistic view of the SSHEQ health of the operation.

Sophisticated and effective dashboards improve visibility

Our sophisticated dashboards allow you to manage by exception via trend analysis, identification of outliers, and period vs period comparisons, and present immediate visibility around areas of concern such as overdue activities and non-conformances.

Managers and senior leadership have greater visibility over critical information such as risk areas, trends, overdue activities, and non-conformances, in-turn enabling better decision-making.

Effective and efficient web-based modules

Our software effectively and efficiently replaces the spreadsheets that typically proliferate in any organization with secure, auditable, web-based modules for a wide range of additional applications including carbon footprint management, compliance management, environmental and social sustainability, and many others.

Fostering a culture of responsibility and continual improvement

Our solution works at all layers of your business – strategic, managerial, and operational, allowing you to foster a culture of responsibility and continual improvement, with clear visibility of progress against objectives, as well as on the status of assigned actions.

Offline mobile functionality

Our platform offers mobile offline functionality, which enables field workers to collect vital information on-site in remote locations, and in areas without Wi-Fi connectivity.

On-site supervisors can log observations, incidents and inspection findings with no delays or distance, improving the accuracy of their primary data collection. This information is synced with our centralized software system, ensuring that relevant information is available throughout the organization with no delay.

Multi-language support

The optional multi-language add-on enables comprehensive translation of all text within the solutions and modules, making it easier to train your employees to use and effectively adopt the software. We also offer on-demand online training, further aiding your organizational training requirements.

Agile and configurable

Our risk management software can be configured simply and easily, meaning you can reduce the cost and increase the speed of your software configuration. A powerful solution as standard, it can be customized to fit your specific requirements, resulting in a system that is even more suited to your business.

Consolidated and secure

Data stored in standalone spreadsheets, databases, and third-party systems can be consolidated into our integrated platform with centralized administration and security.

Roles-based access means that data is secure and accessible only to the relevant individuals. We are also fully ISO 27001 certified with regards to our information security management.

Adherence to ISO standards and best-practice methodologies

We empower our customers to manage and monitor their key activities and processes, ensuring they achieve and maintain operational excellence in line with best-practice methodologies such as ISO 14001, ISO 26000, ISO 31000, and ISO 45001.

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