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Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) Software

Manage Your Enterprise Risks with an Integrated Risk Platform

Identify, evaluate, and manage risks and opportunities in an integrated risk framework, all in real time.

The problems associated with siloed enterprise risk management

Effective decision-making at C-suite and board level is dependent on having a solid understanding of all risks and opportunities that confront an organization. Managing your ERM processes manually or in silos however, is error-prone and inefficient.

Dispersed data

Information sources may be siloed within different systems, making collecting, analyzing, and collaborating on your organizational risk data difficult.

Concerns regarding accuracy

Manual collection processes can expose your risk-related data to inaccuracies.

Inefficient and time-consuming

Manually sourcing company risk data and generating reports to meet internal and external stakeholder requests can be draining and time-consuming.

A lack of visibility and situational clarity

Without a single platform for all your risk-related data, you’re missing a clear overall picture of where your company’s risks are located, and how best to address them.

Low assurance levels

Without clear monitoring tools, you have reason to lack confidence in the effectiveness of your controls.

IsoMetrix software revolutionizes your ERM process

Our ERM software enables you to manage your organizational risk far more effectively and efficiently.

Our central platform enables an integrated approach to managing all your risks, and provides an all-encompassing view of your risk universe.

For every process or activity in your organization, risks are identified and assessed, and controls implemented.

Our software helps your decision-makers to ensure that efforts are directed in areas where they are needed most.

Streamlined control management enables your process owners to take direct responsibility for managing controls, while allowing your management and auditors to focus on key risks.

Our unified software platform tracks action plans to address any identified loss events, enterprise risks, or deficient controls.

Automated notifications and reminders ensure that key processes and dates are adhered to.

Our risk dashboards offer enterprise-wide visibility and highlight issues that need to be addressed, while driving operational performance improvement at all levels of the organization.

We help to reduce your organizational risk

We use the following five-step process to drive ERM throughout your organization.

Want to see if our ERM management software is for you?

Discover more about our powerful digital solution.

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