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SEC ruling delayed_1340x701

The latest SEC climate rule delay allows companies to get ahead of the game

The delay provides an opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology.

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Blog Sheq 1340x701

What to look for in a high-quality HSEQ software system

An overview of the most important software functionality when it comes to managing your company SHEQ processes.

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Carbon Emissions 1340 x 701

SBTi growing in prominence as firms chart paths to net zero

Increasing numbers of companies are turning to the initiative to help them to set emission reduction targets.

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Tailings 2 1340 x 701

Managing The ESG Aspects Of Tailings Storage Facilities

Exploring the environmental, social, and governance aspects of managing tailings facilities, and how a software management solution can assist.

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ESG 1340 x 701

10 ESG themes for 2023

A roundup of 10 ESG-related themes which analysts see rising in prominence in 2023.

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Gold Fields_featured

Implementing software from both customer and supplier perspectives

IsoMetrix Project Manager, Shannon Lardi, provides key insights gained from her experience in working with GRC software on both client and supplier sides.

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How proposed Scope 3 emissions reporting is poised to impact business supplier networks

The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Scope 3 emissions proposal will affect listed companies and their suppliers.

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Webinar: How software is taking ESG management and reporting to the next level

Watch our on-demand webinar, which covers multiple aspects on how technology and software is being used to manage ESG better.

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PE_VC_ESG 1340 x 701

Why ESG software suits holding companies, venture capital organizations, and private equity firms

Organizations with multiple business subsidiaries and investments stand to benefit from software which pools data and provides its users with a broad view on risk.

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ESG emissions management a good place to start 1340 x 701

ESG: Is emissions management a good place to start?

For an organization wanting to better understand its impact and make real changes to its environment, we’d suggest that it is.

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