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Transition investing_cover

Is Transition Investing the New ESG?

The rise of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors has significantly influenced business and financial markets, with stakeholders increasingly valuing these business aspects.   There has, however, been pushback against this trend, perhaps exemplified most recently by the lawsuit from ten Republican…

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Sustainability report_cover

You’ve Produced Your First Sustainability Report. Now What?

KEY TAKEAWAY Producing your first sustainability report is a great achievement – and your first step to achieving even better outcomes. ESG reporting has become a major trend for companies that are looking for ways to communicate their efforts to become…

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The Role of Purpose-Built Technology in Supply Chain Sustainability Data Management

No longer a ‘nice to have’, sustainability has rapidly become a societal expectation, with companies facing mounting pressure to align their operations accordingly.   The sustainability ethos now touches everything within the business environment – supply chains included – and organizations are…

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CIO_ESG data integration 701x701

The Importance of Effective Data Integration in ESG Reporting

The ability to connect and integrate with other software platforms has become a sought-after feature for organizations evaluating ESG software.  As a product of our modern digital age, the Chief Information Officer (CIO) plays a critical role in aligning technology initiatives…

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The case for adopting established standards 640x701

The Case for Adopting Established ESG Standards Over Creating Your Own Framework

Stakeholder demands for businesses to disclose non-financial metrics has increased exponentially over the past few years. Primarily, this has centered on data around environmental and social impact, as well as good corporate governance — or how committed they are to environmental,…

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ESG disclosure requirements are coming_cover

ESG Disclosure Requirements are Coming – Here’s Why You Should Act Now

Key Takeaway ESG reporting may not be mandatory yet, but disclosing your ESG performance can still be beneficial to your company.  There was a time when a company’s financial performance was enough to convince investors to buy stocks. But times have…

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Emmisions Regulations 640x701

How the US SEC’s New Climate Disclosure Ruling Affects You

It feels like it’s been a long time coming; this week the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) finally “adopted rules to enhance and standardize climate-related disclosures by public companies and in public offerings.”  While this may feel like a hard-fought…

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ESG in times of political uncertainty_cover

How to Manage Your ESG Program During Political Uncertainty and Potential Backlash

On an individual level, most people will agree that actions which favor environmental sustainability, respecting and preventing harm to people, and responsible oversight of policies and initiatives are positive values. However, the sentiment quickly becomes more complicated when it comes to…

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Investors demand disclosures_cover

Investors Demand Disclosures Regardless of Regulation

Despite regulatory delays and potential legal battles, investors and customers are expected to want regular sustainability-related information from organizations. A recent article published by GreenBiz has highlighted the consistent and sustained demand for sustainability information, despite the delays to the U.S….

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KPMG survey_cover

KPMG Survey Reveals Prevalent Spreadsheet Usage to Manage ESG Data

Respondents express confidence in their sustainability reporting capabilities despite a reliance on manual data management processes. Despite the surging demand for digital sustainability and ESG solutions, a new survey by KPMG US has revealed that almost half of the large companies…

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