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SEC ruling delayed_1340x701

The latest SEC climate rule delay allows companies to get ahead of the game

The delay provides an opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology.

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Blog Sheq 1340x701

What to look for in a high-quality HSEQ software system

An overview of the most important software functionality when it comes to managing your company SHEQ processes.

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Canada govt requires supplier emissions disclosures 1340 x 701

Canada mandates emissions disclosures for its government suppliers

The Canadian government is instituting a new rule after the US federal government proposed taking a similar action last year.

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Carbon Emissions 1340 x 701

SBTi growing in prominence as firms chart paths to net zero

Increasing numbers of companies are turning to the initiative to help them to set emission reduction targets.

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Tailings 2 1340 x 701

Managing The ESG Aspects Of Tailings Storage Facilities

Exploring the environmental, social, and governance aspects of managing tailings facilities, and how a software management solution can assist.

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ESG 1340 x 701

10 ESG themes for 2023

A roundup of 10 ESG-related themes which analysts see rising in prominence in 2023.

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Tailings 1340 x 701

GISTM deadline looms for ICMM members with risky tailings storage facilities

Tailings storage facilities classified by ‘Extreme’ or ‘Very high’ potential consequences need to be in conformance with the Standard by mid-2023.

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Gold Fields_featured

Implementing software from both customer and supplier perspectives

IsoMetrix Project Manager, Shannon Lardi, provides key insights gained from her experience in working with GRC software on both client and supplier sides.

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COP27 agreement 1340 x 701

Breakthrough agreement reached at COP27 amidst pessimism

Deal negotiated to provide ‘loss and damage’ funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters.

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COP 1340 x 701

In the news: COP27

A quick rundown on the most important climate-related event of 2022.

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