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Verdantix ESG Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How to satisfy investor demand for ESG metrics with software

Sustainability reporting is no longer a stand-alone focus. Beyond environmental monitoring, investors are pressuring companies for transparency into how their operations are impacting the surrounding communities, and how they are managing risks and compliance.

In this webinar, global integrated risk management software provider IsoMetrix was joined by the leading independent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analyst firm, Verdantix, to share data-driven insights into what investors are looking for in your ESG strategy.

Experts, Yaowen Ma from Verdantix, and Shannon Lardi and Michael S. Dae from IsoMetrix discussed each element of ESG and explained how to gather the hard data and metrics required to attract capital, even for the more subjective areas of ESG, such as social sustainability.

In this webinar you’ll learn:

  • How investors are evaluating ESG metrics
  • What data needs to be gathered to satisfy investor demand for all three elements of ESG
  • How technology can be used to identify and manage material ESG indicators and risks
  • Which disclosure frameworks and governing bodies are most important to investors, and thus should be considered when building your ESG information management strategy
  • How technology can be used to streamline reporting to ESG frameworks
  • How investor focus on ESG will evolve over the next five years, and the steps you should take to ensure your organization is prepared

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