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Don't fear the audit

Webinar: Don’t Fear the Audit!

It’s an unfortunate fact: internal EHS audits and auditors are often seen in a negative light. Experienced auditor Alice Harman from Huco Consulting joins IsoMetrix director John Castner to debate the common reasons people fear audits, and prove why they are…

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Safety Webinar Cover

Webinar: How to Improve Safety Through Employee Engagement

Frontline workers are exposed to the greatest health and safety risks, yet they are often the most disengaged. Research shows that employee engagement and safety outcomes go hand in hand. Engaged workers are more productive and work safer, meaning they have…

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Integrated risk cover

Webinar: An Integrated Approach to Risk Management: Moving from Abstract to Practical

Thriving, resilient organizations understand that risk management is not an abstract concept. When mines place risk management at the heart of their businesses and integrate risk into every system and process, it becomes a vital force within the organization, driving sustainability…

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Webinar: 7 Steps to Perfecting Compliance Management Across Multiple Jurisdictions

Keeping up-to-date with legal changes across jurisdictions and international boundaries is a challenge for even the world’s biggest businesses. How do you keep track of only the regulations that matter to your business, and how do you ensure individual sites remain…

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Frostbyte Webinar PPT Cover

Webinar: How to Build a Social Sustainability Program that Fosters Organizational Success

High risk industries such as mining, oil and gas, utilities, and solid waste management are constantly faced with social sustainability challenges that threaten their day-to-day operations. In fact, a study from BSR revealed that 73% of delays in oil and gas operations were…

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Software vendor IsoMetrix acquired

The delay provides an opportunity for companies to gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology.

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