IsoMetrix's Compliance and Environmental Management solutions highlighted by industry expert

Consultancy founder describes technical innovation in managing risk and compliance.

In an article published on Ryerson University's website titled 'Extractive Industries Turn to Technical Innovation to Manage Risk and Compliance', Founder and Lead Consultant of McEniry and Co, Adam McEniry, describes how innovation is meeting the existential challenges surrounding human impacts to the environment.

The website describes Adam as an expert in stakeholder engagement, sustainability management, and public affairs with 12 years’ experience working in the resource sector around the world. He has a broad background having worked with global major mining companies, junior exploration firms, government, and NGOs, and has lived and worked on projects throughout North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

In the article, Adam writes that "To meet this existential challenge, human industry is doing what it always has; innovate. Technology platforms have emerged that track critical information and present them in ways that enable the environmental social and governance (ESG) factors of a business to be measured, managed and targeted for incremental improvement."

IsoMetrix is mentioned by Adam as a market innovator, offering several module solutions for differing clients’ needs. He spotlights the IsoMetrix Compliance and Sustainability Management solutions, going on to write:

"Their platform allows a company to upload or integrate all obligation sources and obligations across all Acts, Regulations, Permits, Approvals, Licenses, and any other obligation source into a core compliance library. Obligations can then be assigned to the relevant areas of a department or in the business at any location or level. Once obligations have been assigned, they can then be managed with recurring actions and prioritized based on risk and consequence.”

Adam is not the only person to recognize IsoMetrix as an innovator of course, with the risk management software company also having been bestowed with the Verdantix Smart Innovator 2021: Corporate ESG & Sustainability Software award earlier this year.

Adam’s full article can be read on the Ryerson University website.

For more information on IsoMetrix’s Compliance and Environmental Sustainability solutions, contact any of the organization's regional sales teams.