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IsoMetrix Lumina Software Achieves GRI Certification Status

ESG-focused software application meets all GRI requirements and commences official certification.

IsoMetrix is proud to announce that it has achieved official Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) certification status for Lumina ESG Management and Reporting as of 1 November 2022.

GRI is the independent, international organization that provides the world’s most widely used standards for sustainability reporting – the GRI Standards.

Reliable software and tools can make sustainability reporting easier and more manageable. GRI has recognised the significant role that ESG reporting software plays in assisting companies with their disclosure reports, and offers a certification service for software and tools that makes use of content from the GRI Standards.

The GRI Certification team assesses this content for its accuracy before authorizing its use, so that reporting organizations know which software and tools they can trust and use in their reporting process.

IsoMetrix customers buy Lumina with even more confidence, knowing that it complies with the stringent content control and reporting standards applied by the GRI Certified Software & Tools process. Lumina’s out-of-the-box Indicator Library feature houses the very latest GRI content, and IsoMetrix has mirrored its in-app content structure to reflect that of the GRI’s.

A significant benefit of Lumina is its questionnaires, which guide users through a series of questions mapped to specific GRI content. Upon questionnaire completion, users can compile auto-generated reports complying with GRI reporting requirements.

Users can also create their own sets of questions within customized questionnaires designed to take their specific reporting needs into account, whilst maintaining GRI reporting standards conformance.

IsoMetrix COO, Dr Giles Nelson, commented that “GRI is a globally recognized and respected independent standards organization valuably contributing towards clear and transparent communications around important ESG issues.”

“We’re delighted that our software now officially complies with the GRI standards and with the convenience and confidence that this will bring to our ESG software customers. Both the GRI Certification and IsoMetrix teams have worked hard to achieve this milestone.”

IsoMetrix Lumina ESG enables corporate sustainability and management professionals in the collection of key data necessary to report ESG metrics efficiently, accurately and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks, as well as to raise and manage related actions to improve overall ESG performance.

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