IsoMetrix  releases its new Permit Management solution  

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IsoMetrix, a leading developer of integrated EHS risk management software, has released its new Permit Management solution.

The Permit Management module integrates seamlessly within IsoMetrix's overall software framework, and provides an efficient and simple way to track and manage all information related to permits issued throughout an organization.

Features of the IsoMetrix Permit Management solution 

The IsoMetrix Permit Management solution provides a module through which a client can manage all their permits (applications, renewals, conditions, etc.) whilst maintaining user-friendly navigation to related modules such as Compliance Universe, and the Site-Specific Obligation Manager.

 Previously, permits were managed within the Compliance Universe module. The introduction of the Permit Management solution however, sees a new permit module specifically facilitating permit management.  

The Permit Management solution capabilities include:

  • Creating permit templates that can be stored within a library and used later
  • Creating a new template from the current Permit record that is being captured
  • The ability to link a Permit to a specific Compliance Universe record
  • Creation of a new Compliance Obligation record
  • The ability to select a specific Compliance Obligation record to pull through to the Permit Management record

Benefits of the IsoMetrix Permit Management solution 

Permits are required in various industries with risk exposure to ensure the safety of any work conducted, as well as compliance with various industry-specific codes which may be enforced.

Whether your business requires a very detailed air emissions permit, or more basic building permit, each will have multiple obligations that must be met, often with different frequencies and schedules. In addition, permits may have different issue and expiration dates.

IsoMetrix’s Permit Management solution allows organizations to manage multiple permits at once, tracking all permit-related information and seamlessly integrating it with other IsoMetrix modules such as the Compliance Universe, and Incident Management and Engagements modules.  

For more information on IsoMetrix's Permit Management solution, contact one of our regional sales teams.