IsoMetrix releases an extensive EHS software buyer’s guide to assist with the procurement process

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IsoMetrix, a leading developer of integrated risk management software, has released a free Buyer's Guide eBook to assist managers in their environment, health and safety (EHS) software procurement process.

In compiling the eBook, IsoMetrix extensively consulted its own internal EHS industry experts Michael Dae, Shannon Lardi and John Castner, who between them have over 50 years of dedicated EHS industry experience across a variety of high-risk industries including oil and gas, solid waste management, chemicals, and mining. IsoMetrix also spoke with EHS managers who have navigated the EHS software journey successfully to create a comprehensive guide to a best practices approach.

Designed to support managers and potential buyers at every stage of the buying journey, the eBook covers multiple aspects of acquiring an EHS software system.

Topics covered in detail within the guide include the mechanics of building a business case and getting buy-in from stakeholders, building request for proposals (RFPs), conditions to consider when evaluating vendor responses, how to use shortlists in reviewing vendor responses, engineering and executing implementation, and maintaining a world-class EHS program going forward.

In addition, a specialized software vendor scorecard template has been included specifically to provide a range of metrics by which to evaluate EHS software across all industries. The template can be used as it is or can be easily adapted to include any situation-specific requirements.

Although containing a wide range of unique industry knowledge and information, the guide retains an accessible writing style, and has been written with the first-time buyer in mind. Potential readers need not fear that the guide will contain highly technical jargon and obscure industry references. The guide is applicable to all EHS teams regardless of the industry and will provide value for both novice buyers and veteran users alike.

Guide author and compiler, Paige Rigas, intended the eBook to blend industry knowledge and experience-based insight with an unintimidating and friendly tone.

"We have such fantastic internal resources and expertise at IsoMetrix that we wanted to make our expertise available to the wider market" said Paige. "Our contributors were very honest and detailed when sharing every step of their EHS software purchasing experiences - both the positive aspects and the associated challenges. We made sure to have a thorough understanding of the entire process to make the guide as comprehensive as possible."

Parties who are considering investing in EHS software, or even those who have begun the process are encouraged to read the free guide, available for download here.

For further information on IsoMetrix's range of integrated risk management solutions, contact any of the organization's regional sales teams.