IsoMetrix incorporates GISTM Conformance Protocols in its risk management software

Audit Checklists software module mapped to match the associated principles.

The International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM) has introduced Conformance Protocols to enable companies which have committed to implementing the Global Industry Standard for Tailings Management (GISTM), to assess their conformance to the standard.

Aimed at further assisting and simplifying the job roles of its customers, IsoMetrix has incorporated these Conformance Protocols within its environment, health, and safety (EHS) software. The Audit Checklists software module now contains preloaded content which has been mapped to match each of the six topic areas encompassing the 15 main principles and 77 individual requirements related to the protocols. By making use of this feature, tailings managers are assisted in evaluating their progress towards meeting the GISTM.

In addition to the preloaded questionnaires, dashboards visually display the checklist data, enabling software users to gauge the status of the various questionnaires and determine progress achieved at-a-glance.

Conformance Protocols 02
Preloaded content has been mapped to match the 15 main principles and 77 individual requirements related to the protocols.

Findings for each requirement can be noted within the module and associated actions can be logged. The feature also facilitates authorized workflows where individual levels of sign-off can be set, ensuring that the correct person signs off on the entire audit, or on the findings and actions pertaining to each specific requirement. Furthermore, the Audit Checklist Schedule features a calendar view, greatly aiding tailings managers in viewing upcoming dates and deadlines regarding the implementation of action plans and associated actions.

The incorporation of preloaded content around the GISTM Conformance Protocols forms part of IsoMetrix’s continual drive to improve and refine its EHS and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) software solutions. IsoMetrix’s EHS and ESG solutions are designed according to international standards and best practices, and have been developed to offer mining companies a more effective and responsive way to manage their risks, including those associated with their tailings storage facilities.

Modules within IsoMetrix’s software such as Incident Management, Inspections, and Document Management allow various requirements to be tracked, managed, and reported on, empowering mining and tailings managers to run their facilities effectively and efficiently.

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