IsoMetrix enhances its Compliance Management solution

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IsoMetrix, a leading developer of integrated EHS risk management software, has announced the latest update to its Compliance Management solution. The module integrates seamlessly within the organization's overall software framework and provides an efficient and simple way to manage compliance with all sources of obligations and conditions.

Evolving demands have forced organizations to continually track compliance requirements and to stay ahead of various conditions and obligations, with the increasing emphasis on environmental and social responsibilities adding further pressure. IsoMetrix's Compliance Management solution provides a module via which clients can manage various aspects of compliance through a user-friendly interface.

Enhancements to the IsoMetrix Compliance Management solution

IsoMetrix's new Compliance Management release introduces enhancements to the following main modules:

  • The Compliance Universe module (via enhancements to the Compliance Obligation and Risk Impact sub-modules)
  • The Site-Specific Obligation Manager module (via enhancements to the Site Obligation Source and Site Obligation sub-modules)
  • The Compliance Assessment module (via enhancements to the Compliance Assessment Rating and Individual Compliance Assessment Rating sub-modules)

Enhancements include an improved user experience for tasks such as completing forms, a simplified method for creating Site-Specific Obligation Manager records, improved filtering on Compliance Assessment criteria, increased module performance, new archival options, and new linkages between modules.

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Benefits of the IsoMetrix Compliance Management solution

IsoMetrix's Compliance Management solution integrates with other IsoMetrix solutions, allowing customers to readily keep at hand those obligations and conditions that are important when considering any activity, or responding to any event.

Enabling organizations to track their compliance requirements across local, regional and national legislation allows them to effectively manage their compliance risks, and potentially nullify the negative consequences of any failure to do so.

For more information on IsoMetrix's Compliance solution, contact one of our regional sales teams.