IsoMetrix breaks into renewables in the Northern Hemisphere

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IsoMetrix's latest renewable energy customer is a global solar power producer.

With the ever-present threat of climate change and the ensuing move to decarbonize, renewable energy companies are enjoying their time in the sun - literally in the case of a leading global solar independent power producer (IPP) with whom IsoMetrix recently conducted business.

The solar IPP approached IsoMetrix with the intention of implementing various solutions from IsoMetrix’s broad range of risk management software. After matching its requirements with the IsoMetrix product portfolio, the IPP decided to purchase and implement the Environment, Health, and Safety (EHS), Environmental Sustainability, and Social Engagement Management (SEM) solutions.

As the IPP’s incident management process is quite specific, a degree of customization was required from IsoMetrix in adapting its own software, having to cater for:

  • Generating a specific incident report and dashboards sheets with various graphs to display a range of incident data
  • Verification steps and the capture of additional information
  • The IPP’s unique incident investigation process
  • A strict and hierarchical incident sign off process
  • Using the IPP's own specific risk assessment matrix for incident classification
  • Building in specific notifications (i.e. reminders of the number of days to complete an investigation) and a sign-off hierarchy

The IPP also had specific audit requirements which needed to be considered, namely:

  • Creating specific EHS checklists for the production plants, construction projects and offices, related to IsoMetrix’s currently used checklists
  • A custom workflow for audits
  • Corrective and preventative actions to address findings
  • The potential to run inspections and audits using mobile apps (both online and offline)

Other factors which IsoMetrix needed to facilitate in its dealings with the IPP included the monitoring of specific environmental and safety indicators intended to drive improvement, the ability to track a few dozen key performance indicators per site and compare results, and finding an optimal hosting location to support access for all for their global operations.

The agility of IsoMetrix’s development team enabled it to meet the various customization requirements set out by its customer, and conduct a successful implementation of its various solutions within the solar power producer’s risk management environment.

For more information on how IsoMetrix can assist organizations within the renewables industry, visit our Renewables page, request a demo or contact us for more information.