IsoMetrix FAQs

Take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about the IsoMetrix platform. If you do not find your answer here then please feel free to contact us and recommend FAQ’s to be added.

I have forgotten my password

If you have forgotten your password, you can retrieve it by following the instructions below:

Click on Forgot Password.

forgot password









Add your Username and Email Address and click Submit.

You will receive an email notification to reset your password. Follow the link and enter in the password provided in the email. On completion you will get a pop-up asking you to reset your password. Please make sure all the requirements are met when re-setting the password.

Should a user contact you regarding having forgotten their password, please direct them to the instructions above.

The dashboard is showing incorrect data?

Please check to see if your dashboard is reloading correctly by checking the date and time of the last reload. Dashboards should reload every 30 minutes.

dashboard data




If you see that the Dashboard has not been refreshing automatically, please contact your administrator or log a support call with IsoMetrix.

If dashboards have been reloaded and are displaying incorrect data, please log a support call with IsoMetrix.

Overdue notifications are not sending?

Please contact your IsoMetrix administrator.

If your overdue notifications are not sending, please ask your IT department to check if the SQL Agent is running as services could have stopped and would need to be restarted by your IT department.

I added a new user and the user is not showing on the user report?

The user report is updated by a stored procedure that is scheduled to run each evening. If the new user was added today it will only show on the report the following day.

I added a new record and I cannot see it?

Please contact your IsoMetrix administrator.

Check the user’s permissions or alternatively log a call with IsoMetrix Support Desk to assist in checking permissions.

I added a new module template and I cannot see it?

Check that your relevant user group has permission to see the modules. Click on User Group Manager, relevant group on left hand side and Modules.

new module

I am trying to access a specific level and the system gives me an error

Please ask your administrator to check if you have security permissions to view that level.

Check that the user has the User Security to view a level.

level access 1


level access 2

The system keeps timing out.

The system times out if you are not active on the page. This is for security purposes. Log back into the system.

When creating a report, the report generates x amount of pages. When we export to Microsoft Word or Excel, there is a different number of pages. Can the document be changed to show the same number of pages as the screen report?

This issue is Microsoft related and we cannot alter it. We suggest you export to PDF as the numbering is correct in this format.

How many details of a record can be shown on a report?

A report can be built showing every field within a module. The only limitation is the number of levels on a system report which is restricted to two.

Please contact IsoMetrix Support for steps to follow when creating a system report.

Why can’t I use my module as a module data source?

Your module template will need to be created as an instance.
Drag the module from the template on the left to the correct instance on the right in the System Manager.

data source

Why can’t I put my module on an interface?

You will need to create your module template as an instance. To do this, please drag the module from the template to the correct instance in the System Manager (as in the example above). Ensure you have permission to view, add & edit the module.

What is the process to delete a user?

Assign all open actions to another user.

Delete the user on the Manage Users page.

No historical data will be affected.

I can’t rename a level in the Organisational Structure without getting an error.

The error displays because there is Historical Data attached to the level you are wanting to rename. The system will not allow you to do this as it will affect the data.
1. Create a new level.
2. Rename the old level X-Delete name of level and move all existing data to the new level which has been created.
3. Ensure you resave all the data moved to the new level.

I am trying to save a new record but I get a “long running script” error

Because some scripts may take an excessive amount of time to run, Internet Explorer prompts the user to decide whether to continue running the slow script.  Please leave the script to finish running.

How do I clear my cache?


Chrome Click on settings in top right corner or Tools on menu bar.Select Clear Browsing Data
Firefox Click on Tools > Clear Recent History / Clear Private Data > Cache only > Clear
Internet Explorer Control; Shift; Delete
Safari Click on Safari > Empty Cache
Can I use the new Microsoft Edge browser for IsoMetrix?

Yes, Microsoft Edge is one of the browsers supported by IsoMetrix.
Other certified browsers are: IE 9, 10 and 11; Chrome; Firefox and Safari.

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