IsoMetrix's website now available in Spanish

In response to its rapidly growing operational footprint in Latin America and Spanish-speaking territories, IsoMetrix has released a brand-new Spanish language version of its website.

Working with a dedicated team of translators over a period of months has enabled IsoMetrix to offer a comprehensive translation of its entire website, with the sole exception of its blog articles, which have remained in English.

As a result, Spanish speakers are now catered for in terms of being able to access information regarding IsoMetrix in their native language. The website translation includes the various solutions offered by IsoMetrix within the environment, health and safety (EHS), and environment, social and governance (ESG) arenas, the industries in which the organization operates, and information on events and webinars.

Depending on the IP address and browser settings enabled, IsoMetrix website visitors will automatically land on the Spanish version of the website. Users can however, also smoothly toggle between the English and Spanish language versions of the website using the EN | ES hyperlinks on the top right-hand side of the site.

A Spanish version of the website has recently become a business requirement due to the growing presence of IsoMetrix within countries and global regions where Spanish is the dominant language. It also demonstrates the organization’s commitment to improving its accessibility to this vital population cohort.

John Castner, IsoMetrix CEO and President, Americas commented that “To support our Spanish speaking customers and prospects, IsoMetrix possesses a bilingual professional services implementation team, with Spanish as their first language in most cases, whilst our Americas support staff has three Spanish language speakers. Furthermore, we also partner with organizations that focus on Spanish speaking customers."