Interactive tools: COVID-19 Case Trajectories & Country Response, Case Projections

IsoMetrix partner, Verisk 3E is proud to offer a suite of resources to IsoMetrix customers during this period of concern around COVID-19. Verisk 3E has more than 30 years of proven experience helping clients make the world safer - one product, one workplace and one community at a time. This experience serves as the foundation of the new COVID-19 solution set, which includes an interactive chart, to show how countries are responding.

Coronavirus Case Trajectories & Country Response Capacity

Updated daily, this interactive chart, shows evolving country-level case trends since late-January, for all countries affected by COVID-19. You can use this chart to see where COVID-19 is spreading fastest and how countries are capable of responding to the epidemic.

Coronavirus Case Trajectories and Country Response Capacity

In addition, the Verisk COVID-19 Projection Tool was launched recently. This interactive tool provides a range of total COVID-19 case projections worldwide at a country level for the next 4 weeks, on a rolling basis. Use this complimentary tool to gain a better understanding of what the near future of the COVID-19 pandemic could look like.

Further resources from Verisk 3E

Access to Safety Data Sheets

Verisk 3E wants to make it easy for you to access chemical safety data as you take measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. So they are offering free online access to Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) for cleaning products approved for use against COVID-19.

Agencies including the US EPA and CDC and Health Canada have published lists of products with emerging viral pathogens and human coronavirus claims. Verisk3E have obtained SDSs for many of these products and made them available via their 3E Protectâ„¢ SDS and chemical compliance management platform.

You can now search, view, print and download SDSs for these agency approved cleaning products free of charge.

For more information on how chemical safety data can be integrated into IsoMetrix as part of your overall digital risk ecosystem, contact the IsoMetrix team.

3E COVID-19 Global Incident Notification Hotline Service

In the event of a potential exposure to COVID-19 or other infectious disease, the Verisk 3E EHS Call Center now offers live, 24-7-365 incident notification hotline support to protect the health and safety of your workforce in facilities worldwide. More information.

3E Emergency Response Network

In the event of a potential exposure to COVID-19 or other infectious disease at a facility in the United States or Canada, Verisk 3E can provide incident management support by dispatching a pre-screened emergency response contractor to disinfect your facility or offsite location 24-7-365. Verisk 3E will provide immediate Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and chemical information to assist those handling the incident. More information