Free access to COVID-19 regulation

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In response to the global pandemic, IsoMetrix has partnered with Libryo to offer leaders and practitioners complimentary access to their regulatory tracking platform so they can monitor the latest laws and keep track of legal updates related to COVID-19.

Whether you are operating in a single or multiple jurisdictions, knowing and understanding your legal requirements is essential to ensure you are on top of your compliance and legal obligations.

More information

Free access to the platform enables:

  • Up-to-date COVID-19 regulation with email notifications when anything changes
  • Easy-to-use, intuitive search functionality
  • The ability to notify teammates, share legal content and actions
  • Document access and storage in relation to COVID-19 regulation
  • Free access is available up until September 30, 2020

Choose what’s relevant to you

When you sign up, you can select which jurisdictions you would like to receive COVID-19 information for:

Europe and Africa Americas Asia-Pacific
South Africa Argentina Australia
Austria Canada China
Belgium USA – California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, New Jersey, New York, Texas and Washington Singapore
England, Scotland, Wales and Republic of Ireland

Completing your Digital Risk Universe

If you’d like more information about Libryo's full solution or how its content can be integrated into IsoMetrix, please get in touch.