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COP27 agreement 1340 x 701

Breakthrough agreement reached at COP27 amidst pessimism

Deal negotiated to provide ‘loss and damage’ funding for vulnerable countries hit hard by climate disasters.

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Software and tools Partner 2022 1340 x 701

IsoMetrix Lumina software achieves GRI certification status

ESG-focused software application meets all GRI requirements and commences official certification.

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COP 1340 x 701

In the news: COP27

A quick rundown on the most important climate-related event of 2022.

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How proposed Scope 3 emissions reporting is poised to impact business supplier networks

The US Securities and Exchange Commission’s Scope 3 emissions proposal will affect listed companies and their suppliers.

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Webinar: How software is taking ESG management and reporting to the next level

Watch our on-demand webinar, which covers multiple aspects on how technology and software is being used to manage ESG better.

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Verdantix Summit 2022 1340 x 701

IsoMetrix in action at Verdantix’s sustainability summit

IsoMetrix is the Platinum sponsor for the Verdantix Innovating for Safe and Sustainable Operations in-person summit, happening in Austin, USA from 25-26 October 2022.

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PE_VC_ESG 1340 x 701

Why ESG software suits holding companies, venture capital organizations, and private equity firms

Organizations with multiple business subsidiaries and investments stand to benefit from software which pools data and provides its users with a broad view on risk.

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Blog Post Net Zero 1340 x 701

The world’s largest wealth fund launches a new climate action plan

Recent announcements demonstrate how financial services organizations are becoming increasingly involved in managing climate-related issues and the transition to sustainability.

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ESG emissions management a good place to start 1340 x 701

ESG: Is emissions management a good place to start?

For an organization wanting to better understand its impact and make real changes to its environment, we’d suggest that it is.

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Fireside 1340 x 701

ESG: a discussion with environmental law expert Garyn Rapson, hosted by Robin Bolton and Cecilia Jofré

An overview of ESG and its related standards, risks for companies around non or false reporting, the importance of verifiable ESG data, and potential future developments within the sustainability space.

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