How IsoMetrix is being used in response to COVID-19

We are fortunate at IsoMetrix that lockdown doesn’t mean shutdown!

We are all now a few days into this new way of living and working, adapting to the lack of direct contact with our colleagues, and the intrusions of small children and pets into our working days. We are getting used to Teams meetings, and are still pleased to realize that the person we need to get hold of is going to be available! We are communicating via social media, and it’s good to see the humor flowing.

The only good thing about this pandemic is that it forces us to stop, re-evaluate and recalibrate. The world will be a changed place once this virus passes. We will interact differently, we will work differently, we will travel less and appreciate our freedom to move a whole lot more. As Dave Hollis says: “In the rush to return to normal, use this time to consider which parts of normal are worth rushing back to.”

They say never waste a good crisis. Let us, as a team of people working together towards a common goal, use this time to ensure we are innovative, productive and supportive. And that we come through the other side stronger, cleverer and more caring.

This too shall pass. Life will return not just to normal, but to a new normal, one that is subtly different and potentially better.

The role of technology


There are two main ways IsoMetrix software is being used in response to the COVID-19 outbreak.

1. Enabling companies to communicate appropriately

When faced with a crisis, communication is key. People need to be provided with clear, straightforward steps to follow, and the confidence that any actions required of them have been taken. In an organizational setting, leaders are creating communication plans that provide employees and customers with regular situation updates as well as actions taken.

Risk managers are using the IsoMetrix EHS solution to communicate new (or updated) policies in response to COVID-19 to system users. This could be “company-wide” or a selected group.

Use case 1: EHS Communication

  • Within the IsoMetrix platform, a new internal policy or procedure is logged (for instance their “Working from Home Policy”); or existing policy or procedure updated (for instance, “Guidance on Personal Protective Equipment”).
  • Via the EHS communication module, the manager logs a communication linking the new policy and select the teams or departments to be informed.
  • Selected employees receive a notification via email and a link to the new document.
  • Each employee is required to acknowledge the receipt of the communication, therefore the EHS manager knows - via the dashboards- exactly who has or hasn’t read the new document.
Placeholder EHS Communication

2. Using the IsoMetrix Business Continuity Management (BCM) Solution

Businesses world-wide are facing new challenges that may put their futures at risk. A resilient business can mitigate and overcome challenges that threaten its survival. A business continuity plan helps identify the processes within an organization that could be threatened or compromised during emergency or disaster situations.

Use case 2: Crisis checklist

IsoMetrix users can create a list of preparatory actions to respond to a specific crisis or emergency via the checklist feature.

IsoMetrix has developed a checklist specifically to address COVID-19 and includes:

  • Planning of activities
  • Identification of business issues to address
  • Measures required to underpin continuity
  • Responses to workplace risks

The checklist is used via an internal evaluation (same as an internal audit) and can cover the three phases of a crisis:

  1. Planning and prevention (resolve phase)
  2. Disaster response (respond phase)
  3. Return to normal (rebuild phase)

Lessons learned are identified and remain available for future evaluations. Via the IsoMetrix dashboards, the management team can easily identify the business units that comply with the BCM plan.

Placeholder BCM

Use case 3: World class BCM

Major South African banking group Absa uses IsoMetrix as part of a comprehensive crisis management and resilience initiative. Its application of IsoMetrix software played a significant role in the bank winning the BCI Africa Continuity and Resilience Innovation Award in 2018.

Absa’s continuity strategy accounts for every employee on an individual basis. Using IsoMetrix, Absa can create dynamic planning models – simulated scenarios that are likely or purely hypothetical. This enables Jaun Harmse (Resilience Strategy and Engagement Head: Absa Group) to review every potential negative impact to the business’s resilience and continuity and see within the software where any issues might occur.

Read the full Absa case study.


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