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October 5, 2015
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October 20, 2015

Metrix Software Solutions has recently established an office in Toronto, Canada, to serve as an entry-point for its expansion into the North American market

IsoMetrix extends reach to North America

IsoMetrix has recently established an office in Toronto, Canada, to serve as an entry-point for its expansion into the North American market. The Toronto office adds to those in Johannesburg, South Africa and Perth, Australia, and  enables the company to provide local time zone support for its international customers. Explains Paul Marketos, group Sales Director, “The success we have experienced in selling into the mining and oil&gas majors has led to a requirement for us to offer regional and language-specific support. This has been one of the key drivers for setting up in North America.”

Other drivers include the knowledge that the bulk of the world’s HSE spend is in North America.  Marketos continues: “We have always had a strong footprint in mining, and this has extended to oil&gas in the past few years. Our office in Toronto allows us to focus on building our customer base in oil-centred cities such as Houston and Calgary, as well as mining hubs such as Denver and Toronto itself. We are confident that the strengths of our software: its agility, dashboards and the breadth of solutions we have to offer, will allow us to expand our existing North American customer base, and to recreate the success we have experienced in the natural resources sectors in Africa and Australia.”

Why IsoMetrix?


What makes IsoMetrix exceptional is that new modules can be created, or existing ones modified, without a single line of code being written. Because systems can be configured by people who are not developers, organisations can significantly reduce the cost and speed of the initial creation of, and enhancements to, the system. Configuring the solution to fit your specific requirements results in an elegant system that is easy to use. Change management is also made easier because the system reflects existing process flows, methodologies and terminology.


The ease with which new modules can be created in IsoMetrix means that systems that are usually not integrated – islands of information such as standalone spread sheets and databases – can be consolidated into a single system, with centralised administration and security. Integrating systems in this way drives organisational efficiency.


By integrating and centralising disparate systems, management has visibility over information such as areas of risk, trends, overdue activities, and non-conformances. Greater visibility enables better decision-making. The QlikView dashboards built into IsoMetrix present immediate visibility around areas of concern such as overdue activities and non-conformances, as well as the analysis of trends and exceptions.