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IsoMetrix has experienced outstanding revenue growth in FY2016. Dennis Marketos, Managing Director, discusses the factors contributing to this growth.

IsoMetrix FY2016 growth report

IsoMetrix has experienced outstanding revenue growth in FY2016.

Dennis Marketos, Managing Director, discusses the factors that have contributed to this growth and future plans for the company. “We have had an excellent year, experiencing almost 30% growth in revenue,” says Dennis, “despite several environmental challenges. The mining and oil and gas industries which constitute approximately half of our customer base, are battling low commodity prices.”

Dennis sees this growth as testament to the strength of IsoMetrix’s product and service offering. “We are meeting our customers’ needs, especially in areas such as social management and stakeholder engagement,” he says. “We have more than doubled our revenue in the oil and gas industry over the past year – a significant growth area for us – despite a challenging oil price.”


Integrated GRC

IsoMetrix empowers customers with more visible and effective risk management, reporting and decision making. “The quality of our product has greatly contributed to our growth,” explains Dennis, “We offer a comprehensive and integrated suite of governance, risk and compliance (GRC) solutions, enabling collaboration across all GRC aspects within an organisation, thereby removing silos.”

The IsoMetrix customer list is evidence of the effectiveness of the software. “Our sales and growth into large global enterprises, which include some of the world’s largest mining, oil and gas companies, is one measure of our success. IsoMetrix has been rolled out globally by international mining organisations such as De Beers,” he continues. Growth in other industries is also evident. “We have seen a significant uptake of sales in the financial service industry – particularly in the areas of quality and compliance – as well as in logistics.”


Strong foundations

The company has developed and grown its teams to maintain its high level of customer service. “We have grown our delivery and support teams, and have seen an overall improvement in our customer service and satisfaction,” explains Dennis. The agile nature of the product allows for rapid upskilling, enabling the company to meet the growing demand. “We will have a continued focus on improving our customer user-experience, and streamlining project processes to offer better value for our customers,” he says.


Looking ahead

Dennis’s vision the future is upbeat. “We expect to accelerate our growth over the next few years, and aim to become one of the dominant players in the industry globally,” he says, “we are already a market leader in Africa.” IsoMetrix is focussed on expanding its footprint in Australia, and building its North American business on the back of recent successes there. “We will continue to be at the forefront of GRC technology with our agility, ease of use and the breadth of our solution offerings,” he enthuses.

This growth is indicative of the software’s relevance and value. IsoMetrix is revolutionising how businesses manage their GRC and sustainability, serving as a catalyst for better run businesses.