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Pandemic Crisis Managment

NEW Pandemic Crisis Management Solution by IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix has released an out-of-the-box solution specifically designed to help organizations effectively manage the current health crisis and mitigate its associated risks

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Company News

Shannon Lardi 2

IsoMetrix is delighted to announce the appointment of Shannon Lardi as Partner Enablement Manager

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COVID 19 ne

COVID-19 Update from IsoMetrix, March 2020

A message from IsoMetrix Group MD, Dennis Marketos in IsoMetrix's approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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COVID-19 Update from IsoMetrix, May 2020

A message from IsoMetrix Group MD, Dennis Marketos

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Using IsoMetrix

EHS Comm

WATCH: How to communicate using the IsoMetrix EHS solution

The first rule of crisis management is to communicate effectively – the right message, at the right time to relevant stakeholders.

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WATCH: How to create a list of preparatory actions using IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix users can create a list of preparatory actions to respond to a specific crisis or emergency via the checklist feature.

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WATCH: Enabling companies to manage business continuity during COVID-19

IsoMetrix has designed a solution template specifically to manage Business Continuity, which is a subset of its EHS and Risk Management solutions.

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WATCH: Managing COVID-19 risks with the Bowtie methodology

IsoMetrix has designed a Bowtie Risk Analysis Tool to provide such structured visual methodology to help manage risks by breaking them down into a series of threats and controls associated with a risk event.

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Mobile self assessment tool

WATCH: New tool to monitor the health and safety of employees returning to work

Employees returning to work can now carry out self-assessments before going on site, using a mobile app or desktop computer.

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COVID-19 Toolbox

BCM Checklist

DOWNLOAD: Business continuity planning checklist for COVID-19

IsoMetrix has developed a planning checklist specifically to help organizations address COVID-19.

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South African business? Test for COVID-19 virus in your environment

IsoMetrix’s sister company NOSA is certified to carry out environmental swabs and tests for COVID-19, helping employers create a clean and safe environment for employees and customers.

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Free access to COVID-19 regulation

In partnership with Libryo, we’ve launched a regulatory tracking platform to help you stay informed of any legal updates in your jurisdiction.

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Interactive tools: COVID-19 Case Trajectories & Country Response, Case Projections

IsoMetrix partner, Verisk 3E, has launched an interactive tool that shows where COVID-19 is spreading fastest and how capable countries are at responding to the epidemic.

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Free Access to SDSs for COVID-19 Cleaning Products

IsoMetrix partner, Verisk 3E, is providing free access to online Safety Data Sheets for agency approved COVID-19 cleaning products

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Expert Interviews

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The New Normal for Social Sustainability

The global sustainability landscape is shifting rapidly. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every area of daily life in unprecedented ways. It has also exposed our vulnerabilities as a society in tangible and tragic ways, especially the mutual dependence of communities and organizations.

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Answering the clarion call: How the COVID-19 pandemic will influence sustainability

In our ongoing COVID-19 thought-leadership series, we spoke to Callum Rees, Strategic Account Manager at SustainIT to get his views on how big data will inform the long-term sustainability and resilience planning for organizations across the globe.

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The Importance of Company Culture in Responding to Crisis: How COVID-19 Affects Health and Safety

We spoke to IsoMetrix Partner Sergio Seanez Castellanos, Partner and Managing Director of Foundamentality about the role of corporate culture and safety in managing a crisis.

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Respond, Recover, Thrive: The effect of COVID-19 on the mining industry

Sabrina Dias, Founder and CEO of SOOP, looks at the impact of COVID-19 on sustainability in the mining industry.

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Absa 3

CASE STUDY: World Class Business Continuity Management in Practice

Business continuity management is all about recognizing potential threats to your organization and establishing a framework to mitigate and manage operations in the event of disruption

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MJ Podcast 3

Podcast: Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement - Cecilia Jofré on COVID-19

Chief Sales Officer and Business Director at IsoMetrix, Cecilia Jofré spoke to Chris Cann from Mining Journal about how COVID-19 has affected the mining industry and how companies around the world should revisit their emergency preparedness plans.

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Tips & Guides

Home office

DOWNLOAD: 7 essential tips for setting up an ergonomic home office

Seven essential tips that you can take to set up an ergonomic home office to ensure that you stay injury-free, focused and productive as you work from home.

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Timely information to help you manage the COVID-19 pandemic

We have compiled a list of external resources to give you guidance and help you manage the effects of coronavirus in the workplace.

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5 tips for setting up a safe and healthy workplace

Five straight forward measures that an organization can take to promote a safe and healthy workplace as employees return to work

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