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Pandemic Crisis Managment

NEW Pandemic Crisis Management Solution by IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix has released an out-of-the-box solution specifically designed to help organizations effectively manage the current health crisis and mitigate its associated risks

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Company News

COVID 19 ne

COVID-19 Update from IsoMetrix, March 2020

A message from IsoMetrix Group MD, Dennis Marketos in IsoMetrix's approach to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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COVID-19 Update from IsoMetrix, May 2020

A message from IsoMetrix Group MD, Dennis Marketos

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Using IsoMetrix

EHS Comm

WATCH: How to communicate using the IsoMetrix EHS solution

The first rule of crisis management is to communicate effectively – the right message, at the right time to relevant stakeholders.

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WATCH: How to create a list of preparatory actions using IsoMetrix

IsoMetrix users can create a list of preparatory actions to respond to a specific crisis or emergency via the checklist feature.

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WATCH: Enabling companies to manage business continuity during COVID-19

IsoMetrix has designed a solution template specifically to manage Business Continuity, which is a subset of its EHS and Risk Management solutions.

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WATCH: Managing COVID-19 risks with the Bowtie methodology

IsoMetrix has designed a Bowtie Risk Analysis Tool to provide such structured visual methodology to help manage risks by breaking them down into a series of threats and controls associated with a risk event.

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Mobile self assessment tool

WATCH: New tool to monitor the health and safety of employees returning to work

Employees returning to work can now carry out self-assessments before going on site, using a mobile app or desktop computer.

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COVID-19 Toolbox

BCM Checklist

DOWNLOAD: Business continuity planning checklist for COVID-19

IsoMetrix has developed a planning checklist specifically to help organizations address COVID-19.

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South African business? Test for COVID-19 virus in your environment

IsoMetrix’s sister company NOSA is certified to carry out environmental swabs and tests for COVID-19, helping employers create a clean and safe environment for employees and customers.

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Free access to COVID-19 regulation

In partnership with Libryo, we’ve launched a regulatory tracking platform to help you stay informed of any legal updates in your jurisdiction.

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Interactive tools: COVID-19 Case Trajectories & Country Response, Case Projections

IsoMetrix partner, Verisk 3E, has launched an interactive tool that shows where COVID-19 is spreading fastest and how capable countries are at responding to the epidemic.

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Free Access to SDSs for COVID-19 Cleaning Products

IsoMetrix partner, Verisk 3E, is providing free access to online Safety Data Sheets for agency approved COVID-19 cleaning products

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Expert Interviews

IsoMetrix Director of Partnerships, Benoit Froment and Chief Operating Officer, Dr Giles Nelson

An Interview with IsoMetrix's Chief Operating Officer, Dr Giles Nelson

IsoMetrix Director of Partnerships, Benoit Froment, sat down with recently appointed IsoMetrix Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dr Giles Nelson to discover a bit more about him, and to discuss IsoMetrix’s recent growth despite tough economic conditions, as well as the product roadmap ahead.

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New frontiers – health and safety in Central Asia

Central Asia, with its abundance of natural resources offers enticing investment opportunities, growing markets, and a relatively stable political environment. We spoke to our partner Dustin Rawlins, Managing Director at Revolution Development Asia, about this exciting developing market.

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The New Normal for Social Sustainability

The global sustainability landscape is shifting rapidly. The COVID-19 pandemic has affected every area of daily life in unprecedented ways. It has also exposed our vulnerabilities as a society in tangible and tragic ways, especially the mutual dependence of communities and organizations.

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Person using computer

Answering the clarion call: How the COVID-19 pandemic will influence sustainability

In our ongoing COVID-19 thought-leadership series, we spoke to Callum Rees, Strategic Account Manager at SustainIT to get his views on how big data will inform the long-term sustainability and resilience planning for organizations across the globe.

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person wearing mask

The Importance of Company Culture in Responding to Crisis

We spoke to IsoMetrix Partner Sergio Seanez Castellanos, Partner and Managing Director of Foundamentality about the role of corporate culture and safety in managing a crisis like COVID-19.

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Respond, Recover, Thrive: The effect of COVID-19 on the mining industry

Sabrina Dias, Founder and CEO of SOOP, looks at the impact of COVID-19 on sustainability in the mining industry.

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Absa 3

CASE STUDY: World Class Business Continuity Management in Practice

Business continuity management is all about recognizing potential threats to your organization and establishing a framework to mitigate and manage operations in the event of disruption

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MJ Podcast 3

Podcast: Mining Journal Stakeholder Engagement - Cecilia Jofré on COVID-19

Chief Sales Officer and Business Director at IsoMetrix, Cecilia Jofré spoke to Chris Cann from Mining Journal about how COVID-19 has affected the mining industry and how companies around the world should revisit their emergency preparedness plans.

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Tips & Guides

Sustainable terminology 800x535

What's the difference between various sustainability-related terms?

A brief explanation on how various sustainability-related terms differ.

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Co-workers analysing data with two laptops

Top 10 Tips for Sustainability Reporting in 2021

With Earth Day right around the corner, IsoMetrix teamed up with Frostbyte Consulting to celebrate our joint commitment to a greener planet. In this blog we share our top 10 tips for sustainability reporting.

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Home office

DOWNLOAD: 7 essential tips for setting up an ergonomic home office

Seven essential tips that you can take to set up an ergonomic home office to ensure that you stay injury-free, focused and productive as you work from home.

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Timely information to help you manage the COVID-19 pandemic

We have compiled a list of external resources to give you guidance and help you manage the effects of coronavirus in the workplace.

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5 tips for setting up a safe and healthy workplace

Five straight forward measures that an organization can take to promote a safe and healthy workplace as employees return to work

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