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Verdantix Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How mining companies are using technology to drive greater EHS and sustainability performance

An in-depth view into how global mining companies are using technology to manage risk, as well as gain deeper insight into the challenges they face.

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Microsoft Mining Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How a digital strategy promotes safety culture

A discussion about how technology can be used as a tool to promote safety culture.

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Huco Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: Don’t fear the audit!

Discussing the common reasons people fear audits, and explaining why they are actually good for you!

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Wyzetalk Safety Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How to improve safety through employee engagement

A discussion on what companies can do to engage frontline workers, and how technology can help.

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MineRP Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: An integrated approach to risk management: moving from abstract to practical

A discussion centered around the benefits of taking an integrated approach to risk management in the mining industry.

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7 Steps - 1340 x 701

Webinar: 7 steps to perfecting compliance management across multiple jurisdictions

Keeping up-to-date with legal changes across jurisdictions and international boundaries can be a challenge! How do you keep track of only the regulations that matter to your business, and how do you ensure individual sites remain compliant? In this webinar, experts Malcolm Gray (Libryo) and Conrad Moller (IsoMetrix) discuss regulatory compliance best practices and the role technology plays in creating efficiencies and preventing fines.

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Frostbyte Webinar - 1340 x 701

Webinar: How to build a social sustainability program that fosters organizational success

We share how to build a world-class social sustainability program that contributes to the bottom line, and demonstrate how our stakeholder-centric software solution can be used to ensure all social obligations are met on time and within budget.

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