Towards responsible collective mining

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Responsible Raw Materials is hosting a free virtual conference from May 11 to 15, 2020. The conference will address issues of population growth and societal expectation regarding the use of non-renewable resources and how these factors are affecting investor decisions and other stakeholders.

Responsible Raw Materials is set to pull together the opinions and experience of world experts with resolutions to integrate mining and responsibility. The mix of attendees and speakers will range from geologists, miners, investors, academics and customers who want to purposefully share thoughts and perspectives on how the mining sector can be collectively responsible. The conference will cover four main topics in the form of expert, open source lectures; conversations, and resources. Responsible Raw Materials aims to leverage and promote a sustainable mining industry that draws from the ideas from this conference, and to develop and update existing policies and initiatives.

Chief Sales Officer and Director, Cecilia Jofré at IsoMetrix is speaking at the conference on Thursday, 14th of May at 17h00 (UK). “The mining industry could do more to implement ESG at ground level, ESG matters should be driven from the top for the change to be substantial. Responsible Raw Materials Conference has the right platform and people for the necessary change to happen and I am delighted to share my insights on the 14th.” Cecilia stressed how important this initiative is for the industry to start looking to green technology and employ sustainable practices.

IsoMetrix has been acknowledged as a global leader in developing technological software for the mining industry. The transition to a more sustainable and green mining sector has technology at its core. The IsoMetrix technological solutions are designed to alleviate the impact of mining on the environment, society and to adhere to regulations. IsoMetrix offers a fully integrated management system that enables mines to manage operations, monitor their activities and track the effects thereof.

“We pride ourselves, as a business, in providing solutions that are good for our planet and the people and communities we work and live with. And we hope to connect with mining professionals that are interested in developing long-term value by effectively managing social and environmental risks,” emphasized Cecilia.

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