Top 5 Sustainability Articles of 2019

Alexander abero Oypn Yfdi Qgg unsplash

At IsoMetrix, we have always been champions of environmental and social stewardship. Our software has helped numerous organizations in heavy industry manage their operations in kinder and more sustainable ways. 2019 saw the spotlight shine on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) as material risks.

We covered this topic extensively in 2019, and it comes as no surprise that our articles focused on ESG ranked as our most read articles!

1. ESG Matters are Material Risks

In 2019, more and more investment funds emphasized ESG risks as material, and require organizations to disclose these alongside financial information to be considered for investment.

In January 2019, the IOSCO published a statement highlighting the importance of including ESG matters when disclosing material to investors’ decisions.

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2. ESG Matters to Mining Investors

ESG must be driven from the top, and requires a clear vision to be implemented effectively. Is the mining industry doing enough?

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3. How IsoMetrix simplifies sustainability reporting

This article breaks down how sustainability managers can ensure the data they collect is accurate and reliable.

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4. How software drives sustainable development

Measuring human development and social impact is difficult and governed by strict legislation. Read how software solutions like IsoMetrix assist large organizations in driving sustainable development.

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5. Large industry takes action on environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability is non-negotiable. This summary of our environmental sustainability breakfast seminar held in Johannesburg in November looks at how big brands are responding to climate change.

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