Satarla and IsoMetrix announce collaboration to push the boundaries of risk management

Risk management consultancy firm, Satarla and global EHS, enterprise risk, compliance and sustainability software company IsoMetrix recently announced a new collaboration agreement.

By integrating risk management expertise with technology, both companies are looking at a collective approach to deliver a complete risk management solution for their clients. Satarla will provide the expertise in enterprise risk management and IsoMetrix its technology to support this integrated approach.

“We have had a fantastic year of collaboration with Satarla. We clearly share the same vision and values, and we are seeing our customers receive tangible benefits. That is the key to implementing successful risk management” says Benoit Froment, Partner Director at IsoMetrix.

Sarah Gordon, Managing Director of Satarla continues, “strategically, ERM technology is an area of opportunity for us. Pushing the boundaries of risk management is one of our core values and collaborating with technology companies like IsoMetrix helps support this”.

Expanding on Satarla and IsoMetrix collaborating, Ollie de Boer, Technology Lead at Satarla says, “the IsoMetrix product can configure any risk management process; this flexibility is important to our clients because it means the technology can automate any process without having to change it, rather than some more rigid platforms where the technology drives the process”.

Benoit explains, “with offices in the UK and South Africa, and associates in Canada, USA, Australia, Peru, UAE and across Europe, Satarla has a global footprint, which is aligned with our global business development strategy”.

2018 has been a successful year for both companies. IsoMetrix announced year-on-year revenue growth of 35%. Satarla increased the number of associates based around the world to 50 and had 27 of them working on a complex project with a mining client that required a range of skillsets. The agreement between the organizations took place in Toronto, Canada in March 2019 at the PDAC conference.

Satarla and IsoMetrix will co-host their first webinar towards the end of June on risk appetite and tolerance. Further online webinars and conferences are planned in 2019. Earlier that month, Benoit will be attending the Mines and Technology conference in Vancouver, June 2019.