Join our team to talk about Sustainable Mining at PDAC Convention in Toronto

Benoit Froment (Regional Partner and Business Director) and Cecilia Jofré (Chief Sales Officer and Director), of IsoMetrix are attending PDAC 2019 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre in Toronto, Canada from March 3 to 6 2019, as well of some of the ancillary events being hosted in Toronto at the same time. We interviewed them to find out what they are most looking forward to at this unmissable event on the global mining calendar.

PDAC is a meeting of leaders in the mining industry from across the globe, discussing spearheading topics to lead mining into a more sustainable future. How will you use this knowledge to create better solutions for our customers?

Benoit Froment (BF): We are always trying to offer technological solutions to current problems faced by mining companies. Those problems change over time. It is important for us to update our solutions based on the reality of our customers.

For example, right now we are focusing on our Tailings Management solution. We want to understand if the tailings dam failure like the one in Brazil would have happened with a better Tailings Management System.

Cecilia Jofré (CJ): PDAC is a fantastic place to engage with thought leaders in the mining industry, and learn about the most pressing topics that concern the industry. It is an opportunity for cross-pollination of ideas and finding solutions to solve mining ecosystem problem, such as the Social Performance of a mine.

One of our customers in the mining industry is speaking at a breakfast hosted by our partner Sabrina Dias Consulting about a project in Ecuador and their experience working with the community there. What role did IsoMetrix play in this project? Or, how important is using a software solution for Social Sustainability in cases like this?

BF: One of the mining companies operating in Ecuador contacted us two years ago to help them demonstrate their compliance with the IFC standards. We deployed our Compliance Management solution to do this. We also deployed our Social Management solution which allows them to manage, daily, their activities with local stakeholders like consultations, requests from stakeholders, and social investment. We even implemented a Grievance mechanism to make sure the mine can track issues and complaints until resolution. In the end, software is a tool that helps its users manage and monitor their activities.

CJ: We worked closely with our customer in Ecuador to enable them to track social engagement. There are strong parallels between communities in Latin America and Africa. These communities are unique in that they usually have very little experience with big operations like those of a mining company... Because of this it was important for the mine to work to level the playing field, and they could not do this without carefully tracking and monitoring actions and outcomes We provided them with a comprehensive Stakeholder Engagement solution to track grievances and concerns Part of the challenge for them was working with artisanal miners already operating in the area, and to collaborate with them, including their unique skills and knowledge of the area to mutual benefit.

Do you believe that our software makes mines more sustainable in a lasting and significant way, and why?

BF: Our technological solutions have been designed to help mining companies mitigate their impacts on local communities and the environment. Mining activities themselves are not sustainable, as each mine has a finite lifecycle. e work to make mining activities have lasting benefits for surrounding communities by injecting development and lasting employment into these areas. Mines can do a lot to minimize the impact they have on communities and the environment during its entire life cycle, and improve the communities they leave behind when mining activities cease. Our technology solutions help mines to achieve this by mitigating risks through the intelligent and integrated application of software, mobile applications, business intelligence, IoT and so on.

We offer a fully integrated management system that allows them to manage most of their activities, monitor positive and negative impacts, and make sure they are pro-active with their mitigation or corrective actions. We really believe that our technology plays a role in making the mining industry sustainable.

CJ: Our software solutions support mines in executing their sustainable strategies effectively in order to create long term value for all stakeholders, including communities,

Which sessions are you most looking forward to attending at PDAC, and why?

BF: A lot of mining companies attend PDAC. It is a great opportunity for them to share their experiences working with local communities and share the lessons they have learned along the way. This year we will focus on attending events centered on South American countries. We had some recent success in Ecuador, Colombia, Peru and Uruguay. We have also some active partners in this region and we want to leverage this momentum.

CJ: I am looking forward to the Country Showcases, and particularly hearing about case studies in Latin America and Africa, and how these countries have improved Governance as a means of attracting investors.

Who are you looking forward to connecting with at the conference? How can they find you?

BF: We have some meetings already scheduled with existing customers and prospects. Some potential partners will also attend the convention and it will be an exciting time to pursue our discussions with them.

CJ: We hope to connect with mining houses that are interested in developing long-term value by effectively managing their social and environmental risks. Our experience in implementing technology solutions across the globe will greatly assist them in meeting their sustainability goals and objectives.

You can connect with Benoit and Cecilia on LinkedIn.