How to satisfy investor demand for ESG metrics with software

Verdantix ESG Webinar

IsoMetrix recently hosted a webinar in conjunction with leading independent Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) analyst firm, Verdantix, to share data driven insights into what investors are looking for in your ESG strategy.

Experts, Yaowen Ma from Verdantix, Shannon Lardi and Michael S. Dae from IsoMetrix discussed each element of ESG and explained how to gather the hard data and metrics required to attract capital, even for the more subjective areas of ESG, such as social sustainability.


Some snippets mentioned in the webinar included:

Financial markets have fully embraced ESG data as a growth driver:

  • Forecast of 600 billion Euros in sustainable bonds in 2021
  • 72 ESG ETFs launched in 2020
  • 300% increase in financial ESG team headcount from 2017-2020
  • Slowly increasing pressure from global asset managers

Of the largest roughly 100 asset owners active in the market, over 40% agreed strongly that ESG practices are an additional lens to identify more competitive, more profitable businesses who can compete in the long term.

Investors are looking to:

  • Avoid greenwashing, and are undertaking the process with intentionality
  • Actively trying to assess corporates in terms of ESG factors and sustainability risks
  • Assess and understand how corporates are practically integrating ESG into existing EHS and environmental risk management systems

Increasing regulatory intervention is accelerating demand for ESG visibility.

Investors are adopting SASB’s approach for conducting ESG evaluations.

A significant portion of ESG data sits within EHS software platforms and operationalising ESG requires management systems for risk and performance improvement.

Challenges collecting ESG data include:

  • Identifying the right data
  • Acquiring the data
  • Handling and storing the data
  • Quality assurance
  • Keeping data secure

Technology can streamline data collection.

Organizations can streamline ESG program management and reporting with IsoMetrix:

  • Dashboards provide visibility into ESG actions throughout the organization
  • Report on one or more ESG standards and view real-time analytics

Additional advantages include:

  • Allows for the end-to-end process to be considered
  • Avoiding a siloed approach to managing data
  • Reduces the time-consuming task of gathering data
  • Holistic view of risks and performance
  • Ability to create value beyond reporting i.e., manage risks, incidents, gaps that need addressing
  • Generate required outputs (graphs, stats, reports etc.)
  • Configurable and flexible to cater for change an advantage
  • Proof of responsible management of ESG aspects

Watch the webinar now for more in-depth analysis on how to satisfy investor demand for ESG metrics with software.