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Tag: Financial Services

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Why ESG Software Suits Holding Companies, Venture Capital Organizations, and Private Equity Firms

Organizations with multiple business subsidiaries and investments stand to benefit from software which pools data and provides its users with a broad view on risk.

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The World’s Largest Wealth Fund Launches a New Climate Action Plan

Recent announcements demonstrate how financial services organizations are becoming increasingly involved in managing climate-related issues and the transition to sustainability.

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ESG Risks: Operational and Investor Perspectives

ESG data can give context to the financial disclosures of a company, and provide indicators regarding its longevity and sustainability.

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Sasfin Bank Ltd Utilizes IsoMetrix Software to Mitigate Risk

Sasfin Bank Ltd used IsoMetrix software to mitigate risk and maintain its competitive edge.

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ESG: An Investor’s Perspective

Investors are realizing the benefits of having access to information on a company’s performance in terms of non-financial topics.

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