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Implementing Software from Both Customer and Supplier Perspectives

Verdantix Summit 2022 1340 x 701

IsoMetrix Project Manager, Shannon Lardi, provides key insights gained from her experience in working with GRC software on both client and supplier sides.

As a Platinum sponsor for the Verdantix Innovating for Safe and Sustainable Operations summit which occurred in Austin, USA last month, IsoMetrix hosted a best practice workshop with two of its key personnel, Group Chief Revenue Officer, John Castner, and Project Manager, Shannon Lardi.

The aim of the workshop was to unpack Shannon’s experience in rolling out IsoMetrix software during her time working at ExxonMobil, as well as in her current project management role at IsoMetrix.

During the session, Shannon underscored seven useful insights gained from her time working on both the customer and supplier sides of the GRC software business.

1. As a client, it’s important to know your supplier and build the relationship into a mutually beneficial one. You can help each other as your relationship grows!

2. Resist the temptation to do more than you are prepared to handle. Just because your software has the capability to do something, it doesn’t mean that you are ready to manage the change all at once. This is especially true for smaller companies who do not have sizeable budgets.

3. Good governance is key to a sustainable system with functional accountability and executive endorsement.

4. Drive ownership with users and show them the importance of their contribution in using the software. Good data capture on their part will make their own jobs more efficient and minimize various risks and/or negative impacts to the business. Explain to them how they form an important part of your improvement initiative.

5. Putting the right personnel in place to be software advocates and drive user adoption is a key enabler of success.

6. It’s important to set expectations for clients to better prepare them for the implementation and change management phase. Smooth the transition and avoid surprises where possible.

7. A common theme with both large and small clients is the need for the right governance and resources to assist in software implementation and maintenance, to continue getting value and optimal use from the product.

Shannon also fielded questions from the audience during the session.

Audience: Why did you select IsoMetrix for your employment?

Shannon: I had built a good relationship with IsoMetrix during my time at ExxonMobil, and I believed in their core values and company DNA. The simplicity and flexibility of their GRC and EHS software was a drawcard for me.

Audience: If you need to roll out your software application to multiple global sites, what’s a good approach to obtain user buy-in?

Shannon: Identify your company champions and influencers to help drive user adoption. Setting up training sites for deployments will also give users time to build confidence in using the new system, without impacting live production data.

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