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IsoMetrix is an award-winning risk management software developer, providing state-of-the-art solutions for EHS, ESG and GRC management. For over 25 years, global companies have trusted IsoMetrix to manage their environmental, health, safety, and sustainability risks.

IsoMetrix believes that proper management of governance, risk and compliance provides powerful and wide-reaching benefits. It is good for our planet, and the people and communities we work and live with. It also leads to more profitable and resilient businesses. In helping our customers to do good, we also help them do well.

With offices in the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and South Africa, we are well-positioned to provide international companies with support across the globe.

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    Why IsoMetrix?
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    Why IsoMetrix?

    Why IsoMetrix?

    Governance, risk and compliance (GRC) systems are typically fragmented. Often companies have disparate electronic, spreadsheet and paper-based systems to manage quality, risk, safety, environment, business resilience, occupational health and hygiene, sustainability issues, and many more.

    These fragmented systems bury important insights into the business, making effective management all but impossible. Only what is measured can be improved.

    By replacing unintegrated systems with a truly integrated solution, IsoMetrix software introduces significant business efficiencies and provides visibility against health, safety and environment (HSE) and GRC performance targets. The clarity an automated, integrated system provides, drives informed decision-making.

    Enterprise risk disciplines are cross-functional, and focused on the impact on financial performance. Operational risk disciplines, however, are often treated separately even though they are usually inter-related. For example, a quality incident could potentially lead to significant impacts on safety, environmental, and social.

    IsoMetrix consolidates management modules such as loss events, non-conformances, safety and environmental incidents into an Events Module that is closely integrated with other modules such as Risk Assessment and Audit Management, promoting an understanding of the associations between different risk disciplines. So, what makes IsoMetrix such a powerful, integrated solution?

    All IsoMetrix applications are built using 15 basic building blocks, or controls. Like the base code of DNA, these controls can be combined in an infinite number of combinations to form applications that cover all aspects of governance, risk and compliance.

    Our customers get completely configured solutions but all use exactly the same source code, making IsoMetrix easy to support and upgrade. In addition, all data in IsoMetrix is related across all modules, producing a truly interconnected, holistic understanding of your business.

    Different users experience IsoMetrix differently. For example, Andrea is a field employee who needs to report a hazard or an incident. To do so, she can simply access IsoMetrix via her straightforward web interface, or via an app on her smartphone or tablet. It is quick and simple for her to enter the basic details of the incident.

    John – Andrea’s safety manager – is alerted about the incident via email. When he logs into IsoMetrix, he can validate the incident details and allocate the task of investigating the incident. John has configured his interface to highlight what is important to him. The personalized dashboards ensure he is able to manage by exception, focusing his attention where it is needed.

    Mirriam, the director of sustainability, interacts primarily with the system dashboards. She analyses them regularly: acting on trends, monitoring performance against targets, and keeping a close eye on leading indicators. Gone are the days of her capturing data to compile reports.

    With IsoMetrix, her system lives in real time. When she needs a report, she can generate one at the click of a button. As a result, Mirriam can spend more time planning and less time reacting. Data flows into IsoMetrix from multiple sources:

    • entry forms captured by employees, contractors and suppliers

    • handheld devices

    • smart meters

    • external databases such as enterprise resource planning (ERP) and human resources (HR) systems

    • and the wearables, beacons and drones that make up the Internet of Things.

    Separate, this data is meaningless, but brought together into a cohesive whole, it provides an accurate picture of the governance health of the business, and allows the business to make better decisions based on predictive analytics.

    The IsoMetrix Dashboards convert all this data into information, allowing you to identify high-risk activities, areas, and processes, as well as areas for improvement. IsoMetrix helps you to make better, informed decisions.

    At IsoMetrix our vision is to help you do Good Business.

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