How to Avoid Tailings Dam Failures with Risk Management Best Practices

8 October 2019
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
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When tailing storage facilities (TSF) fail, the consequences are catastrophic. Since no two TSFs are the same, there is no copy/paste approach to managing this risk. Preventing disaster – then – relies on a firm foundation of risk management best practices and the clever use of technology.

Experts Dr Maureen Hassall (Associate Professor and Director of UQ R!SK at the University of Queensland), Johan Alberts (Vertical Mining Executive, Oil & Gas at IoT.nxt), together with John Castner and Robin Bolton from IsoMetrix discuss risk management best practices for tailings management and the vital role that technology plays in preventing failures.

During this on-demand webinar, we asked:

  • What are the risks around tailings dams storage facilities?
  • What is required to manage these risks?
  • How do we check and record controls?
  • Which technology tools can help?

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