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Streamlined ESG Compliance

Modern ESG Management and Reporting Software for Canadian Business Organizations

Canada is boldly moving towards a more sustainable, low-carbon future, and is instituting regulatory changes as part of doing so.

  • 2023
    New regulations for Canadian government suppliers were introduced.

  • 2024
    Financial institutions will need to publish climate-related risks and disclosures.

  • Bill S-211 Fighting Against Forced Labour and Child Labour in Supply Chains comes into force.

Many Canadian businesses will be affected by these new regulations and will need to report on their related activities and sustainability metrics.

IsoMetrix Lumina ESG software helps your business prepare for these Canadian regulations and transforms your compliance and reporting.


Streamline and automate your ESG data collection to boost efficiency.


Eliminate problematic data silos with a single ESG software platform - one source of 'ESG truth'.


Improve the accuracy, transparency, and reliability of ESG information within your organization.


Benefit from assisted carbon emissions calculations with the built-in calculation tool.


Gain real-time insights via intuitive software dashboards for more informed decision-making.


Ensure that your ESG reporting aligns with the frameworks and standards required by the Canadian government.

IsoMetrix Lumina

A Modern ESG Solution from the Most Trusted Name in EHS

Benefits of IsoMetrix Lumina

Ready to Go

No lengthy customization required. IsoMetrix Lumina's SaaS out-of-the-box configuration allows you to get started right away!

Secure ESG Data

IsoMetrix Lumina prioritizes the security of your ESG data with robust encryption and privacy measures.

Comprehensive Support

Our dedicated support team is available to assist you with IsoMetrix Lumina on every step of your ESG management and reporting journey.

With the arrival of Canada's new mandatory requirements, it's time to employ a modern digital ESG solution.

Reduce your reporting burden, strengthen your compliance, and embrace Canada's ESG regulations today!

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