IsoMetrix Software Solutions

Solutions offered by IsoMetrix are geared towards business growth and increased compliance

Metrix Software Solutions is a leading supplier of Governance, Risk and Compliance solutions. IsoMetrix, the company’s flagship product, covers the full GRC spectrum, from Occupational Health and Safety & Environmental Management, to Quality, Enterprise Risk Management, Legal Compliance and Sustainability.

IsoMetrix software solutions:

Compliance & Legal Register

IsoMetrix Compliance Management provides a robust compliance management framework which presents users with an accessible and understandable distillation of the law, policies and codes relevant to their areas of responsibility.

Enterprise Risk Management

IsoMetrix Enterprise Risk and Governance Management allows businesses to define strategic objectives, assess risks, conduct audits and log incidents in a single, integrated solution, maximising the long-term value to all stakeholders.

Environmental Sustainability

The IsoMetrix Environmental Sustainability solution enables the efficient monitoring, management, analysis and reporting of environmental compliance, obligations and strategic initiatives performance.

Food Safety

Food Safety is fully configurable to provide businesses in the industry with a solution that tracks, defines, manages, and reports on food safety and compliance processes, supporting organisations to deliver produce to the highest standard.

Health, Safety & Environment

Health, Safety and Environment Management combines the different health, safety and environmental processes in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way, providing a single, comprehensive, and integrated HSE (EHS) solution.

Land Access & Resettlement

With the IsoMetrix Land Access & Resettlement solution you get a management platform to record stakeholder information, manage baseline data and compensation payments, as well as many more other features.

Occupational Health

The Occupational Health – Medical Surveillance solution enables you to track medical trends; manage compliance & regulatory requirements; mitigate absences; and make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity.

Occupational Hygiene

Occupational hygiene uses science and engineering to prevent ill health caused by the environment in which people work. It helps employers and employees to understand risks associated with the industry to improve working conditions.

Primary Healthcare & Wellness

The Primary Healthcare solution ensures that the day-to-day care needed to protect, maintain or restore an employee’s health is managed. The solution assists Healthcare practitioners to manage patient programmes and activities.

Process Compliance and Assurance

The IsoMetrix Process Compliance and Assurance management solution allows you to manage and assure quality to move beyond business documentation into actionable, visible process management.


IsoMetrix Quality Management helps businesses manage quality management processes and achieve compliance certification based on international ISO standards through the use of a centralised and electronic management system.

Social License to Operate

IsoMetrix provides a centralised, integrated web-based management solution for all SED and SLP management, compliance and reporting requirements across strategic, managerial and operational levels.

Social Sustainability

The IsoMetrix Social Sustainability solution assist organisations in managing their social environment and drive operational performance improvement, effectively reducing risk in a dynamic, flexible and systematic way.

Build Your Own Solution

Through the creation of custom modules, interfaces, reports and notifications, IsoMetrix can grow and evolve over time as requirements develop and evolve by allowing organisations to build solutions tailored to their needs.

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