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Manage your social environment and drive operational performance improvement with the IsoMetrix Social Sustainability solution.

The Challenges

Social sustainability is a complex challenge faced by many high-risk industries including but not limited to mining, oil and gas, utilities, and solid waste management.

These operations typically require a large geographic footprint, inevitably disrupting habitats and raising concerns from the surrounding communities. Opposition groups and civilians with ties to the land can all present significant threats to a company’s operations.

To support local communities, companies typically agree to commitments and social initiatives, referred to as Local Content or Socio-Economic Development. In countries like Canada, companies will sign Impacts and Benefits Agreements (IBAs) outlining the anticipated effects that the industrial project will have on the land and promising socioeconomic benefits in return.

Failing to uphold the terms of these agreements can pose substantial consequences to a company’s operations, including stoppages in production and hefty fines. However, the sheer number of stakeholders to manage, in addition to managing proposed socioeconomic development initiatives on time and within budget, requires a well-thought out and efficient approach that traditional spreadsheets and point solutions are not equipped to handle.

The IsoMetrix Solution

IsoMetrix offers the only centralized, integrated social sustainability management system on the market today. Through our stakeholder-centric solution, companies can effectively manage stakeholder relationships and expectations, land access and fair compensation for affected parties, and socioeconomic development for local communities.

Our solution helps you map stakeholders, and create engagement plans based on risk analysis. Furthermore, the solution helps companies track and manage grievances according to best practice methodologies recommended by the IFC and IPIECA. This facilitates accountability in ensuring that community issues are handled on time and in accordance with corporate and international standards.

With the IsoMetrix Social Sustainability solution, companies can mitigate threats to the social license to operate by ensuring parties required to resettle are compensated fairly and in line with legal requirements and standards. Additionally, with a focus on Local Content, your organization can drive progress towards socioeconomic commitments, including training and employment, investing in the surrounding communities, and sourcing local suppliers.

Our powerful dashboards offer complete visibility into every aspect of your social sustainability program. Minimize the risks associated with failing to meet social obligations by holding your workforce accountable. Assign actions and tasks to the appropriate individuals and track them through to completion.

To explore the full capabilities of our social sustainability solution, download the product brochure or request a demo today.

IsoMetrix has also launched a state-of-the-art environmental, social and governance (ESG) application, built on an all-new SaaS platform named IsoMetrix LuminaTM. Our ESG product supports corporate sustainability and management professionals in the collection of key data necessary to report ESG metrics efficiently, accurately and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks, as well as to raise and manage related actions to improve overall ESG performance.

Learn more about our IsoMetrix LuminaTM ESG application.


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