Manage compliance and regulatory requirements and improve employee health and productivity with the IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management solution.

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Simplify employee health and well-being by managing medical surveillance screenings, tests and examinations with the IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management solution.  The solution will assist you to implement and manage preventative healthcare in the workplace by ensuring that:

  • Employees are able to meet the inherent health requirements and work-related occupational exposures.
  • Baseline and ongoing medical information on all employees is established, especially those exposed to occupational health hazards in their work.
  • The reduction of adverse effects and exposures encountered in the working environment protects employee health.

Benefits of the IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management solution.

  • Assist employees with injuries and illnesses which render them unable to return to their work, with rehabilitation and workplace re-integration
  • Monitor employees’ health status on a regular basis as required to detect occupational diseases at an early stage, thereby determining the efficacy of hazard control measures
  • Identify high-risk areas needing intervention by analyzing medical surveillance data


Regular interaction with employees by carrying out scheduled medical examinations keeps them up to date on the risks of their work and the results of their examinations ensuring that:

  • Treatable medical conditions that may render employees temporarily unable to perform their work are managed
  • Chronic illnesses that may have no bearing on employee fitness to work, but which threaten their personal long-term health, are managed

Medicals and Tests

Various medicals and tests can be pre-selected for the patient’s particular occupational exposures, for example:

  • Urine analysis
  • Physical examination
  • Physical ability test
  • Audio screening
  • Spirometry
  • Radiography
  • Vision Screening
  • Biological tests


Integrated processes in the IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management Suite include:

  • Central Action Manager
  • Dashboard
  • Medical Surveillance
  • Employee and Job Profile Management

What our customers have to say

“Throw away Excel registers and do it in IsoMetrix.” – Marie Engels (Health and Safety Manager, Rio Tinto Coal Mozambique)


If you would like detailed information about our Occupational Health Management solution, you can download the brochure:

IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management Brochure

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