Occupational Health & Hygiene

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Occupational Health

IsoMetrix offers a fully integrated solution for Governance Risk and Compliance. Most companies have multiple systems for the management of GRC. IsoMetrix allows you to replace these with an enterprise-wide, web-based solution that consolidates multiple systems into one.

IsoMetrix is the most agile GRC tool on the market. Solutions can be tailored to customers’ exact requirements through simple drag and drop configuration by non-technical people.

Because IsoMetrix is an integrated GRC platform, unlimited solutions are incorporated in a single product.

QlikView dashboards are embedded in IsoMetrix through a global OEM agreement. The dashboards are equally agile and offer unmatched visibility of all data in the system.

Within the Occupational Health and Hygiene sector, the goal of preventive health care in the workplace is to protect the health of both employees and service providers through the monitoring of employee fitness for work and avoidance of occupational accidents and illnesses.

While organizations are compelled by law to be compliant with acts and regulations, it is also equally important that employers and employees understand the risks associated with the workplace and strive to improve working conditions and working practices.

Occupational health professionals are faced with the complexities of managing medical surveillance. They have to record employee health data from workplace injuries and illnesses, clinic visits, immunizations, audiometric exams, wellness programs, and lab tests amongst others. And, it’s not enough to just collect the data; they must be able to report on it in multiple formats.

To cater for this need, IsoMetrix, in conjunction with occupational health and hygiene professionals, has developed two Health Management solutions - Occupational Health and Hygiene; and Primary Healthcare and Wellness.

These solutions integrate seamlessly with each other and provide your organization with a framework to set up a medical surveillance system which covers all necessary aspects and contributes to the development of a healthy work environment.

Integrated solutions

Being an integrated Occupational Health and Hygiene solution, the modules available provide a central platform including tools to effectively identify hazards and mitigate risks, giving the occupational health practitioner the peace of mind that they can effectively manage all employee health and hygiene interventions.

The IsoMetrix integrated Occupational Health Solution enables you to track medical trends, manage compliance and regulatory requirements, reduce absenteeism, and make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity.

When integrated with the Occupational Hygiene Solution, hygienists are enabled to effectively identify hazards and mitigate risks, which may cause sickness, impaired health and well-being, or significant discomfort amongst employee and the extended workforce. This thereby contributes to the development of a healthy work environment.

Benefit from a wealth of industry expertise

The implementation of the IsoMetrix Occupational Health and Hygiene Management Solution provides many organizational benefits. Employee health data management is standardized across multiple sites or countries. The organization’s health practitioners have access to an employee’s complete medical history.

Founded on the experience we have gained through many years in the industry, we are able to advise on how best to implement an Occupational Health and Hygiene system to ensure that the optimum value is provided from a truly integrated software solution.

When linked to Occupational Hygiene, management of medical surveillance can seamlessly integrate with an advanced scheduler that allows you to create surveillance activities, set up exposure groups, and automatically notify employees being recalled for examinations, on a random basis if required.

Productivity and efficiency can be increased with features such as auto e-mail notifications, business rules, integrating where possible with different types of medical testing equipment software, and more.

Embedded in IsoMetrix are powerful dashboards, powered by QlikView, available to every user. The real-time QlikView dashboards assist management in gaining insights from a volume of health and hygiene data collected over time. Management is able to use these dashboards to assist the organization to establish health and hygiene targets and objectives, identify trends, and to manage by exception.

Types of Medicals carried out can be compared by site, year and even shift if required. In support of the medicals, fitness statuses can also be compared for trending of medical results. The Health Practitioner is able to ensure management responsibility is taken for having employees arrive for medicals when required, through the notification alerts and dashboards.

The central action manager allows all assigned actions to be monitored until they are closed out, driving continual improvement. The dashboards allow you to view informational trends related to occupational health and hygiene across the entire organization.

Trends in types of diagnosis, medication issued against ICD 10 Codes and admittance and discharge of patients can be viewed with ease. Trends regarding safety statistics can be seen across the whole organization providing real-time information and allowing the necessary prevention measures to be put in place where required.

The implementation of the IsoMetrix Occupational Health and Hygiene solution provides real-time visibility and measurement of company performance against strategic health initiatives and hazardous risks and exposures that impact on occupational hygiene.

Further to this, the solution provides the ability to link personal hygiene monitoring results with the associated exposures per occupational job profile thereby allowing for the appropriate medical examinations to be carried out by the health practitioner.

Although provided as a configurable off-the-shelf solution, IsoMetrix can easily be tailored to suit your organization’s needs.

IsoMetrix in action

Here is a typical module for completing an employee medical profile. This can include the capture of information relating to a full physical examination; Height and weight; Urine tests; Blood pressure and pulse; Vision screening; Audiometric or hearing screening; Lung function tests; and other information as required.

If you wanted additional fields, for example TB Results, this can be achieved in minutes simply by going into the module editor and configuring the necessary fields required. IsoMetrix is built using an Agile Application Framework which enables non-technical people to create sophisticated solutions, quickly and easily. Every single form and field is user-defined, allowing us to deliver a bespoke solution for your business quickly and cost effectively. The software can be easily designed to align with processes and methodologies unique to your industry and organization.

The IsoMetrix Occupational Health and Hygiene Solution gives your organization’s Health Practitioners the ability to make informed decisions on how to improve employee health and productivity and to report on these to executive company management.

Other complementary solutions like Safety, Environment and Quality Management and Social Management, among others, can also be added if required.

If you are interested in finding out more information, contact us.

Manage employee health with the IsoMetrix occupational health management solution and increase productivity while reducing risk.

Simplify taking care of employee health and well-being by managing medical surveillance screenings, tests and examinations with the IsoMetrix Occupational Health Management solution. It will assist you to implement and manage preventative healthcare in the workplace.

Use a single dashboard to monitor ongoing medical information on all your employees, enabling you to quickly identify risk exposure and take precautionary action that can lead to reduced risk.