Environmental Management Software

There is a growing need for organizations to report on environmental and social sustainability. IsoMetrix simplifies reporting on these multidisciplinary fields.

Environmental sustainability has become a multidisciplinary field that focuses not only on finding solutions to environmental risks and developing improvement of ecological services, but on broader governance issues as well.

Worldwide, enhancements to legislation now makes it possible for business leaders to be sued in their personal capacity for their organization’s environmental damages.

This accountability at board level is also aligned to the 2015 changes to the ISO 14001 standard. Boards are increasingly aware that investment portfolio managers are using environmental, social and governance factors to help identify companies with more resilient business models.

IsoMetrix has launched a state-of-the-art environmental, social and governance (ESG) application, built on an all-new SaaS platform named IsoMetrix LuminaTM. Our ESG product supports corporate sustainability and management professionals in the collection of key data necessary to report ESG metrics efficiently, accurately and in alignment with relevant standards and frameworks, as well as to raise and manage related actions to improve overall ESG performance.

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