Environment, Health and Safety

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Environmental Health and Safety

IsoMetrix is a leading software solution for Environmental Health and Safety. In a competitive landscape, what differentiates IsoMetrix? Let’s ask three typical users:

The Safety Specialist

What I love about IsoMetrix is the convenience. When I am out on site I can capture hazards I notice or record incident details even when off-line. Any IsoMetrix module can be turned into an app on a mobile device: Audits, inspections, Take 5s, whatever. To submit an observation is as easy as taking the photo and pressing Send.

When I am back in the office, I use the dashboards to understand trends and exceptions, and also to monitor our performance against the targets we have set ourselves.

The EHS Manager

We used to be dependent on spreadsheets for EHS Management, and I spent most of my time cutting and pasting data, or chasing people up for figures. IsoMetrix lets me focus on my actual job. More than that, I am now able to make properly informed decisions and to visualize my data in ways that are intuitive.

My dashboard overview shows me everything I need to know at a high level, with the ability to drill down into the detail. Here I can view my actions, or those of my team, understand risks through heat charts, and see critical leading indicators, which act as an early warning system.

To understand risk better, the interactive Bowtie tool allows our team to work together to graphically understand unwanted events and the controls we need to put in place to mitigate the risks themselves, or the effects of the events should they transpire.

By allowing my team to focus on critical controls, we have a much tighter grip on risk than we did previously. The tight integration between risk, controls and events allow us to learn from the past and institute measures quickly to prevent future occurrences.

When incidents occur, we are able to immediately understand the risks associated with this incident, review our risk assessments, and monitor our control performance for effectiveness.

I also love being able to build my own monthly safety report that pulls data from several sources into my preferred format. I’m not a very technical person, but have been able to create my own dashboards as well.

IsoMetrix is designed around the ISO standards and the Deming Cycle of Plan, Do, Check, Act and Review is entrenched in the philosophy of the software, helping us to drive continual improvement.

IsoMetrix has also encouraged us to rethink our approach to HSE risk management. The software promotes a risk-centric approach, and relates everything back to a central register of risk resources.

The EHS Director

To me it’s about Compliance first and then driving business value through EHS performance. At a glance, I can see how we are performing in regard to our compliance obligations across all aspects of EHS, from legislation through to permits, standards, licenses and commitments. The dashboards also reflect how we are doing against the targets we have set.

Furthermore, IsoMetrix goes well beyond EHS. It is more of an EHS-centric GRC or ESG solution.

Not only does IsoMetrix provide a comprehensive solution for all aspects of Environment Health and Safety, but I am able to assess risk across a wide number of disciplines, including social, quality and business continuity. My overarching mandate is Safety, Health and Environmental and Social Sustainability. IsoMetrix allows me to understand the overlapping risks across these disciplines.

The ease with which IsoMetrix can be configured to our current and evolving requirements is a huge plus. I’ve been frustrated in the past with the degree to which we have had to compromise our preferred processes to accommodate software limitations, but with IsoMetrix, we are able to tailor the solution to just what we need.

We are also embracing the Internet of Things, to drive efficiencies in the organization, and the IsoMetrix IoT tools allow us to manage all this information, so that we are aware as soon as thresholds are breached or exceedances monitored. Being able to use drones for inspections, and have this information come through dynamically, as we are understanding the data visually through the integration with our GIS solution, has significantly improved our ability to work safely and make considered decisions. The information we are starting to receive from wearables and other monitoring devices is also providing a host more leading indicators, warning that an unwanted event might occur.

IsoMetrix Good Business. For more information, contact us.

Manage your EHS processes with the IsoMetrix EHS management solution and improve operational performance, reducing risk and cost.

The IsoMetrix EHS management solution seamlessly combines different environment, health and safety (EHS) processes, giving you a single, comprehensive, integrated management solution.

IsoMetrix offers intuitive user interfaces that are tailored to our customers’ specific requirements, encouraging employee engagement. The built-in business intelligence drives informed decision-making and enables measurement of EHS performance against objectives.

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