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Built using the world’s latest technology, the IsoMetrix LuminaTM platform hosts the first and only all-in-one ESG management solution. It’s flexible, scalable, and intuitive to use.

Our out-of-the-box solution enables you to comprehensively manage and report on your ESG and sustainability performance quickly and efficiently.

The result?

Reduced risk, better profitability, and higher investment potential for your business.

ESG management can be highly time-consuming. We give you back your precious time.

Endless reporting requests. Separate report formats for different standards. The costly amount of time it takes to build reports. Dealing with complicated calculations and tedious equivalences.

With our innovative ESG solution, you can generate reports in seconds. Input your raw or normalized data once and our intelligent indicator library identifies and maps the equivalencies across different standards. Our built-in calculation engine assists you with those tricky ESG calculations.

Reporting on your multiple ESG standards causing frustration and delays? We’ve got you covered.

GRI? SASB? TCFD? WEF Common ESG Metrics? You’ve got this. The IsoMetrix ESG solution enables you to collect key data and report on your ESG metrics efficiently, accurately, and in alignment with required regulations and standards.

Key differentiators

  • Reporting is easier, faster, and more accurate

  • GRI, TCFD, SASB, and WEF Common ESG Metrics standards all available as templates

  • Visualize data and access real-time key metrics at-a-glance

  • Create and manage actions to effectively reach your company ESG goals

  • Highest standards applied due to our ISO 9001 Quality Management certification

IsoMetrix empowers companies to be more sustainable and positively impact their supply chain.

From measurement to management, you really can do it all.

The ESG management solution on IsoMetrix LuminaTM assists you at every stage of the ESG process. With dedicated functionality for every phase, you can be assured of fulfilling each and every one of your ESG organizational stakeholder requirements.


Ensure efficiency from the get-go. Set-up sites, operations, or departments, and define roles and create users with specific permissions.


Select from a library of templates or create your own specific data query to gather applicable ESG, compliance and/or risk data. Create schedules. Set targets and data validation criteria per indicator. Collaborate with colleagues to confirm accurate responses.


Use the calculation engine to attain desired outputs such as intensity ratios, carbon footprints, conversion between units, and the rolling up of data.


Create actions and action plans to drive strategies, and address data which does not conform to requirements.


Generate ESG reports and visualize data in analytical dashboards to track performance for stakeholders and regulatory bodies.

Integrations: Efficient. Simple. Secure.

Data acquisition tools make for quick and easy integration with existing business software systems like HR and operational EHS systems. Secure direct feeds with no duplication of data inputs means that your ESG solution runs incredibly efficiently.

Iso Metrix Lumina Interfaces

Modern interfaces that are incredibly user-friendly.

With built-in team collaboration features and a powerful calculation engine that eliminates errors, our smooth and intuitive platform ensures a user experience like no other ESG solution out there. Built with you in mind, no matter how wide or how deep you go, you’ll always get the same logical platform interface complete with foolproof dashboards, graphs, and relevant information. No training needed, just open the app and go.

We’re world-leaders in risk management software.

Companies in over 100 countries use our award-winning products to improve their operational performance, reduce risks and costs, eliminate errors, and manage their ESG operations.

World-class experts helped create the IsoMetrix LuminaTM platform and leading industry specialists work for us. We make sure that you have access to our qualified ESG experts who go the extra mile to ensure that you get the most from our powerful software.

Are you ready to unlock your company's potential?

You are with IsoMetrix.

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