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Challenges faced by the utilities industry

Utility companies working in the transmission, generation, and distribution of electricity, gas, water, or sewage, face a variety risks across the spectrum of environment, health, safety, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. Whether your company is working in regulated or unregulated markets, organizations and employees face health and safety risks such as catastrophic energy releases and working in confined spaces. Industrial hygiene issues arise given the exposure to harmful gases and substances, so proper training and usage of PPE is essential.

The impacts of climate change and desire for cleaner energy production have resulted in complex regulations and reporting requirements that demand complete transparency into utility companies’ environmental performance. As consumer demand for clean energy rises, so do social issues that threaten utility companies’ social license to operate.

Mitigating EHS risks, protecting your workforce, ensuring regulatory compliance, managing sustainability performance and reporting and stakeholder issues requires a powerful, holistic approach to risk management.

How IsoMetrix can help

IsoMetrix offers a comprehensive, centralized solution to drive operational excellence through clear identification, understanding, and management of every unique utility risk. Our integrated platform streamlines permit management and regulatory compliance, PPE training and usage, safety training and licensing, stakeholder engagement, contractor management, sustainability management, and ESG reporting in a single intuitive interface.

IsoMetrix breaks down departmental silos and standardizes data across business units to create visibility into operational performance and business risks by process, site, region, risk owner, and hazard type. We empower utility firms to stay on top of changing regulations and facilitate compliance with industry standards including ISO 45001, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001. Our social sustainability tool empowers you to manage grievances and community issues timely and efficiently, ensuring operations continue to run smoothly. The environmental sustainability solution helps companies capture, manage, compute, interpret and visualize monitoring data. The ESG management and reporting solution goes further in that material indicators or risks can be identified and managed with ESG standards aligned reports generated.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your existing HR systems and document management solutions to minimize time spent on manual setup. The system is roles-based, making it easy for end users to log incidents and near misses, and conduct customized audits and inspections. Managers have access to robust data visualizations and configurable dashboards to conduct advanced trend analysis and risk assessments.

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