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Challenges faced by the renewable energy industry

It’s an exciting time for the renewable energy sector as consumer demand pushes for greener energy sources and government administrations invest in renewable energy production. However, generating energy from solar, wind, hydro, tidal, geothermal and biomass sources comes with its own set of business risks to manage.

Renewable energy plants typically have a large geographic footprint that can disrupt habitats and raise community issues. There is an array of internal and external stakeholders to consider and report to. Health and safety issues include lone workers, working at heights, prolonged outdoor exposure, working with high-voltage equipment, and remote connectivity. The construction phase of building these plants poses additional health and safety risks to consider. As clean energy sources, these companies are expected to comply with the highest environmental standards and foster a culture of sustainable business.

Understanding risk indicators and consequences at a holistic level is difficult as disciplines such as environmental, social, health, safety and quality are often managed in siloes, despite the impact of many risks cutting across them. Furthermore, renewables companies face the challenge of gathering massive amounts of data and metrics necessary for reporting, understanding the risks at hand, and putting action plans in place to address them.

How IsoMetrix can help

IsoMetrix's award-winning ESG management software drives the convergence of environmental, health, safety, quality, social, and sustainability management to protect employees, the surrounding communities, and the environment. By breaking down departmental silos, our platform helps identify leading indicators before they escalate into incidents.

The breadth of the solution allows renewables companies to go beyond mere EHS management, using a single platform to manage factors such as enterprise risk, regulatory and legal compliance, quality, contractors, stakeholder engagement, resettlement, socio-economic development, and sustainability reporting to form a broad overall portfolio of ESG management activities which are so important to stakeholders today.

The platform is configurable and can be built to meet every stakeholder’s unique requirements. Our online and offline data capture capabilities are ideal for both corporate employees and those in the field. Feel empowered to track every renewable-specific KPI and mitigate risks that would otherwise result in loss.

Generate sustainability reports for various disclosure frameworks, manage and mitigate incidents across sites, ensure employees are trained in line with company standards, assign owners to action items and track them to closure, set up automatic notifications for risks that need escalation, manage grievances and stakeholder communications.

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