Mining and Metals

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GRC for mining

A growing regulatory environment, higher business complexity and increased focus on accountability have led mining enterprises to pursue a broad range of governance, risk and compliance initiatives.

In an era where risks are interdependent and critical controls are shared across the enterprise, having different software solutions to manage Governance, Risk and Compliance processes is costly and inefficient.

IsoMetrix offers a single, integrated solution for managing all disciplines within GRC, across all phases of a mine’s life cycle.

The sophisticated dashboards provide a holistic view of the health of the governance of the enterprise. At a glance, you can understand the status of top risks and critical controls, monitor leading indicators, track exceptions and understand trends.

IsoMetrix offers Integrated Risk Management. The bowtie interface allows Priority Unwanted Events to be analyzed and controls to be set up to prevent threats and manage consequences. Controls identified as critical are then included in the Critical Control Effectiveness Monitoring process.

The competitive advantage offered by the IsoMetrix platform lies in its unique ability to relate all Health, Safety, Environmental and Social processes to a central risk and compliance management framework.

The golden thread

All HSE processes are linked together using the “IsoMetrix Golden Threads”. These Golden Threads allow IsoMetrix to relate HSE processes to risk and compliance analysis and deliver continuous learning. The IsoMetrix business intelligence layer breaks down analytics by each critical process and relates it to risk and compliance using the Golden Threads. Unwanted events will trigger a review of all associated controls and risks.

IsoMetrix offers solutions across a broad range of risk domains.

The loss of a mine’s social license to operate is a key risk area.

Designed around IFC standards and conformance to ISO 26000, the IsoMetrix social solution facilitates social sustainability.

The Stakeholder Engagement modules allow you to record the results of all details of interactions with local communities, commitments made and complaints and grievances lodged.

Land access and resettlement, livelihood restoration, and socioeconomic development is managed in a structured process, and performance made visible through the dashboards and GIS interface.

Tracking leading indicators and effectively managing critical controls reduces the risk of safety-related incidents. If incidents do occur, IsoMetrix offers an in-depth approach to incident management and investigation that is fully integrated: an incident across multiple disciplines need only be captured once. Critical control effectiveness is managed through a number of interventions:

Actions plans can be set up to ensure the control is implemented and effective. These are tracked through to completion. Control self-assessments are performed on an ongoing basis

Specific inspections can be scheduled, tracked and actioned. And, importantly, behaviors can be checked and reinforced through Behavior Based Safety or Visible Felt Leadership.

Track your KPIs

Key Performance Indicators that might impact a control need to be measured, and regular audits, and the tracking of any findings, need to be carried out.

The Compliance solution ensures that all obligations, whether stemming from legislation, permits, licenses or standards, are met. The risk of non-compliance can be assessed, and controls put in place to reduce this risk.

IsoMetrix integrates with a broad range of legal registers, to ensure that jurisdiction-specific legislation is available.

The Environmental sustainability solution allows mining companies to track performance against environmental objectives and targets across aspect categories such as Energy, Biodiversity, Water, Material Flows, Air Quality, Surface Area Change and Noise.

Monitoring data can be imported automatically from drones, sensors, and other IoT devices, as well as third-party systems such as ERP.

IsoMetrix allows organizations to manage the identification and mitigation of any potential health hazard so that employee medical profiles can be developed that are linked to the applicable occupational risk exposure profiles.

IsoMetrix provides integrated occupational health and hygiene management, along with medical surveillance, primary healthcare, and clinic management. This ensures ongoing measurable and quantifiable preventive health measures are maintained.

Integration with wearables allows real-time information containing any potentially harmful outcomes or trends to be identified and acted upon.

IsoMetrix offers mining companies many other modules and solutions, including Tailings Management, Permit to Work, Ethics Management, Quality and Business Resilience.

IsoMetrix has an award-winning user interface. Menus and screens can be easily tailored to provide users with a streamlined experience based on their requirements.

Users can modify the IsoMetrix dashboards themselves, and create reusable storyboards for management report packs.

Maps and offline capability

IsoMetrix data such as locations of events can be dynamically mapped to the GIS system through standard IsoMetrix integration objects. The data set is then exposed to the geospatial processing program like MapGuide or ESRI where the attributes contained in IsoMetrix are visible to the end user.

Geospatial information and georeferenced photographs can also be included in standard IsoMetrix operational reports.

For offline data capture, IsoMetrix allows web applications to be converted into offline apps on devices running Android or IOS. Data can be added or edited offline, and then sync’d to the server, along with GPS coordinates and additional documentation such as videos and photographs.

IsoMetrix has mature solutions for the mining industry, based on best practices. We offer solution templates to get you started quickly. The hyper-agile technology underpinning IsoMetrix allows us to modify the system through a simple drag-and-drop mechanism to match the software to your exact requirements.

IsoMetrix covers all phases of the life cycle of your mining operation, from feasibility through construction, operation, closure and rehabilitation.

Trusted by leading mining companies around the world, IsoMetrix help to reduce risk, ensure compliance and safeguard your social license to operate.

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Challenges faced by mining and metallurgy

Mining is inherently risky. Beyond the trading risks of commodity price fluctuations, exchange rate variations and governmental policy changes, miners have to contend with potential environmental impacts, and significant health and safety risks to employees and contractors, is the ever-growing challenge of managing social risk. IsoMetrix can help you deal with it all.

IsoMetrix value drivers

Prevention is cheaper – and better – than cure. By providing a centralized governance risk and compliance solution for mining, IsoMetrix enables mining companies to closely monitor leading risk indicators, and to be forewarned of potential incidents. The risk-based architecture of IsoMetrix allows simultaneous risk assessment across all disciplines. Every incident sparks a re-evaluation.

While the impact of many risks cuts across disciplines such as environmental, health, safety or social, these disciplines are often managed in silos. IsoMetrix software enables an holistic understanding of risk indicators and consequences. It also helps you focus on leading indicators, instead of the more usual focus on lagging indicators.

The breadth of the solution allows mining companies to go beyond EHS and ESG management, using one dashboard to cover related areas such as enterprise risk, tailings, compliance, quality, stakeholder engagement, resettlement, socio-economic development and business continuity management.

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Mining Companies Turn to Technology to Drive Greater EHS and Sustainability Performance

Mining report image

When it comes to managing EHS and sustainability risks, there is a great disparity in the way companies are leveraging technology to drive operational performance.

As part of our future of mining series, IsoMetrix partnered with Verdantix to interview mining companies from around the world to understand the different approaches and challenges associated when managing risk.

Download our report now to learn:

  • How mining companies wrestle with complex site-specific EHS and sustainability risks
  • The extent to which mining companies rely on manual processes and multiple tools to generate reports
  • How a lack of integration between technology solutions creates huge additional costs
  • Six steps mining companies should take in order to enable their technology vision for EHS and Sustainability.
5 Challenges Facing Tailings Managers, and How to Overcome them

A best practice guide to safe and effective tailings management, according to leaders in the mining industry.

At IsoMetrix, we understand that tailings management goes beyond adherence to technical standards. When tailings storage facilities fail, the consequences pose substantial threats to the workforce, surrounding communities, and the environment. IsoMetrix interviewed tailings experts and consultants with decades of experience to publish this best practice guide to safe and effective tailings management. The guide will help you:

  • Understand industry standards and how to meet them
  • Identify warning signs before incidents occur
  • Prevent tailings failures with data and technology
  • Overcome the top five challenges Tailings Managers face

The Mining Lifecycle

Conducting mining operations can be a sizeable and complex task, consisting of various interrelated phases which make up the lifecycle of a mine. Discover how IsoMetrix can support you in every stage of the mining cycle, by clicking on each of the icons below.

Inforgraphic mainimage


Use IsoMetrix to assist with the feasibility phase of a proposed project. Centralize economic, legal, technical, social and environmental information and measurements, including engagement with stakeholders, environmental baseline data, and risks identified.


Proactively manage social and environmental project obligations, land access and resettlement processes, and EHS risks. Use IsoMetrix’s secure platform to calculate and manage environmental (including carbon) and social impacts, social engagements and any grievances. Prevent and manage unwanted events until closeout.


Manage all EHS risks and critical controls through an integrated risk process, conduct audits and inspections, and monitor environmental and social impacts. Engagements and grievances can be managed to ensure a social license to operate is maintained. A carbon footprint can be calculated with targets and reduction initiatives set. ESG data can be gathered, calculated, analysed and reported on. Tailings facility aspects can be tracked to achieve compliance and minimize incidents.


Simplify the tracking of socio-economic development projects and manage the risks and obligations unique to mine closure with IsoMetrix. Maintain social engagements as well as safety and security obligations, and ensure that environmental monitoring and reporting continues.

Monitoring and rehabilitation

Ensure environmental rehabilitation is successful; report on and visualize environmental and sustainability data using IsoMetrix’s powerful interactive dashboards.

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